Cyborg Megalo S105AF
Cyborg Megalo

Cyborg Megalo is a powerful left spinning Attack Type owned by LeoneMaster,it is capable of extremely high speed attacking and blur-like movement.

Face Bolt:Megalo(Cyborg):Edit

This Face Bolt depicts Megiddo,the Armageddon Dragon,with robotic upgrades.The motif is Crimson and dark grey and shows Megiddo in an attacking position,on a black facebolt made of carbon-fibre.

Energy Ring:Megalo I:Edit

This Energy Ring has four wings that resemble dragons,it has 3 small black spikes that stick out from the jaws of each dragon,these spikes are rubber and spin steal though not very efficiently.It is made of carbon fibre and is crimson in colour.this energy wing is unique due to a rod like mechanism that sticks down through the Fusion Wheel and Spin Track and attaches to the Performance Tip,this allows it to transfer spin velocity through the bey via vibrations.This moves downwards with the facebolt.

Fusion Wheel:Cyborg:Edit

Cyborg is a unique wheel,and though quite obvious,is the heaviest peice of the wheel and makes up the weight of the bey.It has 4 spiky wings that have booster like ends that stick out partly and resemble the back of Cyborg Megalo.These work wind through the beyblade to add even more is a sleek black colour and only compatable with the Megalo ring.

Spin Track:Saber 105:Edit

This has 4 free spinning blades that resemble the arm blades of Cyborg Megalo.It is made of carbon fibre and is a very dark grey.

Performance Tip:Accel Flat:Edit

This is the fastest flat tip at the time,it is quite light and wider and far more aggressive than XF.This has 2 modes,Rubber Friction,the faster of the 2,and Metal Traction,the more steady attacking one of the 2.These can be switched between eachother by extending the end of the tip and flipping between the is crimson,the metal is black and the rubber is red.


Sonic Thruster:The boosters work large amounts of wind through themselves,increasing speed by large amounts.

Friction Flare:The large amounts of friction worked up with the Rubber Friction tip works heat through the bey,adding attack power.

Upper Wind: The Saber 105 track rotates slighty,creating an upward wind,decreasing weight.

Aireal Assault:Megalo goes into the air,it then crashes down on the opponent at high speeds.

Sonic Cyclone:Megalo Circles the edge of the stadium at high speed,creating a tornado and working wind through the boosters.

Special Move:Edit

Gatling Nova:Cyborg Megalo attacks rapidly with the Metal Traction tip,then propels itself into the air,switches to Rubber Friction and goes in for a finishing blow.

Flaming Magnum:Megalo attacks the opponent fiercely with the Rubber Friction tip active,lighting flame to itself with the heat created,it then uses wind to shoot the flames at nearpy opponents,this can be done in midair to hit enemys below.


Cyborg Megalo S105AF's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
99 75 40 50 60

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