BB-021 Crosshead Reticuloid is the twenty-second release in the Micro Disk System. It is a Class-A top.

Trajectory Cap: ReticuloidEdit

Reticuloid resembles exactly that, a crosshair. Except this one is depicted as a typical Sniper Scope design. (Trans. Rose)

Contact Ring: CrossheadEdit

Crosshead is a Class-A Ring. A dominantly-engraved pattern with four outset crosses aligned in a reticle form.

Spinpoint: Lite Metal FlatEdit

Lite Flat is essentially the Hole Flat equivalent. It focuses on key travel and striking speeds. (Opaque Charcoal)

Using metal, this adds considerably fierce travel/attack.

Spinpoint Shaft: Shallow ShaftEdit

This is the lowest shaft. It pinpoints the contact ring directly to a greater or equal height to the top's opponent. (Opaque Charcoal)

Body Shell: Shallow BalanceEdit

Shallow Balance is similar to Neutral Balance, it focuses on the core aspects of travel and impact. (Opaque Matted Texture Charcoal- a unique color and texture for this Beyblade)

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