Crippled Chimera DR145WFB
Kimeramon b

Crippled Chimera DR145WFB is the prize bey in Random  Booster Vol.1 Crippled Chimera. It is a balance type. It's owned by Joan Martinez.

Face Bolt: Chimera-X

The face bolt depicts a Chimera, the mythical creature with three heads, of a lion a dragon and a goat.

Energy Ring: Chimera-X

The wheel looks like a combination of Leone, Capricorne and Serpent rings, with the addition of tounges of flame.

Fusion Wheel: Crippled

An Evolution of Divine with nine protrusion like it. Though all the protrusions are not squares but there are square, rounded, sharp and rough protrusions arranged at random. These randomly arranged protrusions allow the bey to attack, deffend and stabilise and improve stamina without being figured out by the opponent. This wheel makes the bey balanced and unpredictable.

Spin Track: Defence Roller 145

The Track is a combination of ED145 and TR145, it has got three free spinning wings with the bearings so it does not have any friction. At the end of each wing it has three rollers for more effective shock absorption.

Performance Tip: Wide Flat Ball

It is a wider version of Flat Ball and has an awesome balance. It can withstand attacks as well as get aggressive and turn to an attack type. When destablized by an attack, the bey has the ability to regain balance.

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