Cresent Viper L:P is an attack typle beyblade belonging to BladePhantom.

Crescent Viper L:P

FaceBolt: ViperEdit

The Viper facebolt is a unique bolt with a face motif depicting a Dragon's head. The Draconis bolt is unique and poses' a built in ratating axis that allows it to have it's own orbit. This orbit is created with the help of the other layers of the beyblade. The wheel, ring, track and tip all rotate which a(L:Pllows energy to flow throughout the beyblade (same with any beyblade) and the bolt uses the rotation much like an orbital ring to build it's own gravity.

Energy Ring: ViperEdit

The Viper energy ring is a unique ring and can only go with the Cresent fusion wheel. The ring is blue and has to buldges that depict two sets of horns facing eachother surrounding the facebolt. The energy ring locks directly with the Cresent wheel and changes modes with it. The two modes are orbital attack and gravity mode. Attack mode lifts the horns above the energy ring and is extremely effective on high attack types. The ring uses attack mode uses the horns from the cresent wheel to connect and create the orbital attack mode. Gravity mode imploses the horns in the opposite direction to release stored orbital enegy.


The Gravity Core is the tradmark piece of Crescent Viper L:P. The Core locks into a certain piece of the bolt to connect with the orbital energy. The core has a secret rotating shaft that rotates along the inner sides of the beyblade while spinning creating an orbit for the beyblade. With the power of the core and the bolt it can create a black energy that has the power to mimic gravity.

Fusion Wheel: Crescent Edit

The Cresent fusion wheel is a metal wheel that depicts two heads of a dragon one on each side. These dragon heads represent the head of the guardian beast sealed within the beyblade. The dragon heads also have a hidden compartment in the top and bottom nose area where a cresent horn can be released and connect to the track and ring of the beyblade doing so it creates a ball like defense that can create it's own rataion which creates a black energy around the beyblade. While in gravity mode the two dragon's mouth's open and releases orbital enegy from them creating a ring of energy, this energy can be pushed outwards to repulse opposing beyblades.

4D Performance Tip: Lunar Pulse (L:P)Edit

The L:P Track unique height of 130 and that has certain notches that lock into the crescent horns. While in orbital attack mode the track has the ability to store a small amount of created orbital energy and sends it back up to the core. The L:P is a metal flat coated with a polycarbon for extra sturdyness. The tip modes to hide the tip and releases oribital energy from the bottom hole.

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