BB-001 Cognitive Xenoceros is the fully developed rendition of Xenoceros 7S. It is owned by Raibar Sado.

Trajectory Cap: Xenoceros (Full Circle)Edit

The Xenoceros emblem is more complete with a "separated" horn and a more detailed Rhinoceros profile. It is also raised, thus having more metal powder inside the cap.

Contact Ring: CognitiveEdit

Cognitive resembles a gear, but with a pattern implying "fake motion" as if spinning. It is more dense than 7S thus playing a different role. It is a stamina type ring.

Body Shell: Spiral Metal BalanceEdit

This is a medium-height, regular-width body shell that has a metal spiral applied around the stem coming from the rim, which is made of a thin layer of metal. The weight is notably heavier than the basic balance shell.

Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Low ShaftEdit

Semi-low is between standard height and shallow. It is primarily focused on contact ring destabilization.

Spinpoint: Metal Spiral Semi-SharpEdit

As the name implies, this is a metal tip with a partially flat bottom with an engraved spiral. The spiral is supposed to add tilt grip.

Cognitive Xenoceros (Micro Disk System)'s Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed

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