This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB

BB-004 Chevron Clergy is the fifth release in the Micro Disk System Beyblades. It is a class A top. It is owned by Hiroto.

Trajectory Cap: ClergyEdit

Clergy resembles the profile of a Gorilla, this emblem shows a profile of a growling with sharp teeth and angry eyes. The symbol is slightly raised and drawn in metal powder. (Trans. Lavender)

Contact Ring: ChevronEdit

Chevron is a Class A ring, it is completely round with a pattern resembling spearheads. This ring is focused on "catching" the opponent and throwing it out of the stadium.

Body Shell: Grapple Wide, TallEdit

Grapple has a jagged rim with a standard tall profile. The focus goes hand-in-hand with Chevron.

Spinpoint Shaft: Semi-Tall ShaftEdit

The second highest shaft, it has slightly less features of a tall shaft but focuses on stamina for slimmer shells.

Spinpoint: Semi-SharpEdit

Semi-Sharp has a very small flat area on the end. The steep edges allow for maximum tilt. Thus heavy attack balance is focused.

Chevron Clergy (Micro Disk System)'s Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed

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