Beyblade: Awake the Curse chapter 6Edit

Fusion laying on the couch with a packet of ice on he's head. “ soooo exhausted.” Fusion said

“ well I need to go to another meeting! So you guys hang around and stuff” said Richard with a laughter.

“Let's go out, better than staying indoors all day.” Gingka suggested. Both Titi and Fusion jumped up and agreed with excitement.

As soon as they walked out Gingka gave $20 to Titi and Fusion. “ WHOA~ IM RICH~!!” Titi yelled “only $20? man your cheap!” Fusion complained “ if you don't want it, give it back!” Gingka attempting to take the money back from fusion “ no no no! I'll look after it” said Fusion as he puts it in he's wallet “ well I need to go shopping to get some extra drinks and snacks for tonight's dinner, so be back before 5.” Gingka walked off.

“ So~ what time is it~?” Titi asked Fusion “Around 4 we go 1 hour! LETS GO!” Fusion ran into a beyblade store. “Woah, so many Bey Parts and equipments!” Titi exclaimed. “ haha you don't need them Titi, your bey is already good enough, you just need a better launcher” Fusion explained as he browsed around and saw a launcher that seems suitable to Titi, but a random person takes it just before Fusion reaches it, “Hey I saw that first!” said Fusion as if he was about to calm down.

“you want it? Settle it with a beybattle then, you can call me Recon. If you want to know.” as Recon smirked. “Bring it!” Fusion accepted.

In the local park:

Recon: how bout 2 on 1?

Fusion: Heh no need, I'll beat you with my eyes closed.

Titi: I'll be the judge~ so in





Fusion and Recon launches perfectly. Into the stadium.

Fusion: Xragoon let's go, smash it to bits.

Xragoon attempts for an attack, but was too slow, and was dodge.

Fusion: Not bad for an Amateur. What bey is it?

Recon: A Random bey with parts that's useless.

Fusion: What and it's that good?

Recon: Let's go Blue

Blue attacks Xragoon like it's nothing,

Fusion: Xragoon keep defending

Xragoon was being pushed! It's useless against Blue. Fusion was Panicking, just as soon as Titi was about to launch a bey flies in and flings Xragoon back to Fusion.

Gingka: What are you guys doing? Why are you with a Curse blader?

Titi and Fusion: Curse blader? This guy?

As they stared at Recon,

Recon: Hey Gingka let's call it a day? And tomorrow we'll have a rematch

Gingka: Deal! Here 10:00 am sharp.

Later that night:

The spirit bladers ate their pizza quietly without spoken a word.

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