Fastlane walked into his living room to find Thatsawesome sitting on his couch, briefly nude. He stared at her for a moment, she then got up, walking over to him. She got on her knees as she unzipped Fastlane's pants. She threw the pants off of Fastlane and started to ride his big manly shtick. As his penis entered her chamber multiple times she yelped in pleasure. Her white liquids poured out of her shaft as she moved up and down on him briefly. Fastlane started to go harder and faster as she yelped in pleasure some more. She then got on top of him and let his big penis enter her vaginal area, spewing liquids all down the tip.

"AH! MORE, MORE!" she yelped as she went fast and faster down on him. She got off, then took his penis and put it into her mouth, her hand move swiftly down the sides of the penis as Fastlane enjoyed the pleasure he was getting. Minutes after she kept moving her hands faster and faster, he jizzed his white sperm all over her face. She licked her face in pleasurement.

She was not done yet. She bent over onto the ground as Fastlane stuck his penis down her shaft. She left out a yelp again. Fastlane pushed harder and harder finding no stopping to this moment. Thatsawesome started rubbing her tits as Fastlane pushed. Fastlane took his penis out of her shaft. He started sucking on her tits. Her boobs were perfect for him, he started licking and sucking the tits as Thatsawesome fingered herself in pleasure

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