Beyblade: Awake the Curse chapter 1Edit

Titi a 16 year old boy that works in a Beyblade toy factory, he used to dream about becoming a real blader, but due to he's parents death he abandoned he's dream and worked to earn money.

Titi finished work late at night and arrived home when he saw a parcel covered in thick snow he swept the snow away and picked up the parcel, he shook it a few times to hear the sound, but he took it in he's house without care.

Titi placed the parcel down on the coffee table and turned on the heater next to him. He stared at the parcel for a while. Without hesitation he opened a parcel and saw a letter wrote.

Dear Titi

You are chosen by one of our beys, please go to the Water Veil Station tomorrow at 12 am please bring the bey with you and this letter and don't let anyone follow you.

Sincerely James...

Titi Placed the letter on top of the heater as he dig deeper into the box, he found a Bey, glowing in white light “ This can't be real!” Birdy gasped. Birdy sat back down and stared at he's bey for a while until I smelled something burning!

Birdy slowly turned to the heater, he saw the Letter Burning!!! “ ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!” Birdy Screamed as he grabbed the piece of paper and shoved it in the snow outside he's backyard. “ This can't be real” Birdy Said while sneezing “just my luck.”

the next day he waited at the Water Veil Station at 11:55 pm and waited there for 12am until two mafia looking people said “ Why are you here kid?” Titi showed he's Burnt piece of letter. The person took a while to figure out what it says and asked “Why is you Letter burnt kid?” “um.. stuff happened” Titi Replied with a smile. “ fine follow me” the mafia person said as he walked out of the station and went inside a narrow alley and entered the building. Titi followed but he slipped on the snow as he finally reached the door, he tried pulling and pushing, but it won't open until the mafia person slide the door open from the inside and said “ stop fooling around”.

Titi entered it was a small room until the Mafia guy lifted the floor mat and opened the secret door. Titi stayed quiet as he follow as they reach near the end he starting to hear noises cheering, screaming, yelling, crying everything including metal noises, until he saw a giant place full of other bladers battling. “ Whoa, this is something else from T.V” exclaimed Titi.

end of chapter 1.. (To be continued!)

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