the bit-beast

This is a bey that is connected to dark smasher AND peace fanglongmon. This is also one of the brother beys they are beys that show chaos, darkness, and peace. Also it is a attack bey

Face Bolt: ZhuqiaomonEdit

This facebolt depicts one of the three brother beys this one depicts the power of chaos.

Energy Ring: ZhuqiaomonEdit

The ring has 2 birds on it and they are very well balanced. Also this ring is very well balanced. Another thing is there are three tails sticking out of the energy ring that make contact with other beys to steal spin with the rubber on it.

Fusion Wheel: ChaosEdit

The wheel is VERY chaotic because it dosn't have the same surface ANYWHERE! it is just a bunch of diffrent hight blocks. Also the weight is evenly balanced on it somehow. This wheel also has rubber on it

Spin Track: Ram's HornsEdit

This track is 100% attack it has 3 horns that are made of metal. Also the horns are as big as the wheel. It is also the hight of 125. Another thing is that the tips of the horns are able to detatch for one of the abilitys by voice command. Also it has some rubber on it to help it bounce for it's ability.

Performance Tip: Left Rubber Plastic FlatEdit

this tip is a cross of left plastic flat and right rubber flat. in the center it is a mini version of left plastic flat. Then around that is a left rubber flat so it acts like the SWR tip on dark smasher only much more motion and abilty to avoid attacks better.


Crushing Blow: In this attack the bey hits a wall voilently and it starts to bounce around the staidum at high speeds hiting anything in the way. Uses 3

Revive: In this move the bey uses the air that is swirling around it to give it more stamina. Uses 3

Horn Smash: In this attack when I command the bey to do it the voice recever lets one of the horns go and it starts to bounce all over the staidum. Till it hits my bey and when that happens it will be locked back in place. Uses 3

SM: Fusion Attack

In this move it fuses with dark smasher and peace fanglongmon to create the utlamate balance of darkness peace and chaos. Then it blinds the other blader with light and with him not being able to command his bey Chaos zhuqiaomon smashes into the other bey with HUMOUNGUS power.\

Chaos zhuqiaomon's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
60 40 50 130 50

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