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Chaos Dragons X:90
A Dark Dragon
Chaos Dragons X:90 is the Bey used by Shade. He uses the power of Darkness, and feeds off other attributed Beys. He is interlinked with all "Dragons" and can switch to Ice or Earth at anytime during a battle.

Facebolt: Dragons

This Facebolt shows a pitch Black background with glowing Red eyes in the middle.

Energy Ring: Dragons

It is shaped like a circle althought it was spikes that poke out just over the Fusion Wheel. They act as a way to slow down opponents, they close and open on command.

Fusion Wheel: Chaos

It is a Fusion Wheel made of Darkness and feeds off power. It has spikes of Darkness that appear on the side when the Bey in spinning. It can also act as a Zombie Bey.

Spin Track: X

X is a spin track. Not much is known about it. It has blades that rotate inwards and outwards.

Performance Tip: 90

90 is a Performance Tip. It is a very rare Performance Tip and takes years to master.

Special Moves

  • Chaos Dragon Spiral is Chaos Dragon's first special move, he flies up in the air, and come's crashing down in dark fire.
  • Shower of Death is Chaos Dragon's second special move, a meteor shower comes reigning down and smashes all opposing Bey's.
  • Ultimate Darkness Strike Chaos strikes into the opponents Bey with great force.
Chaos Dragons X:90's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
35 120 50 50 60

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