It a Defensive type .

Facebolt : ChimeraEdit

The facebolt colour is black with the red face of the Chimera one ancient Geek mythology creature. But there only 1 giant lion head and on the back is the bruning fire snake tail.

Energy Ring : ChimeraEdit

Chimera energy ring look like Pegasis III and Leone II ring with amor of Leone and wing like Pegasis make Chimera ring doble stronger . Even so it is very light ring but the good thing about this is it make dodging easy .

Fusion Wheel : ChampionEdit

The fusion wheel shape like Sol with the same red colour and with black highlight .Champion is a non-heavy fusion wheel but it can absoded other fusion wheel weight .When champion wheel absoded the weight it become more and more heaver than normal.

4D Performance Tip : Counter DriveEdit

As a defend type performace tip it can dodge any attack .

Champion Chimera C:D's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed

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