Burn Dragaon 85RT08
120px-Neo dragonoid 4

Burn Dragaon is Kenji Takamoru's beyblade in Beyblade:Metal Mayhem.

Dragaon seems to be a cross between A Neo Dragonoid and humanoid.

Face Bolt:DragaonEdit

Dragaon's face bolt resembles Pegasus'only it doesn't have the Pegasus symbol. Also it has the ability to change lighter or darker depending on whether he's using his full power or not.

Energy ring: Dragaon Weight 7.5 gramsEdit

The energy ring consists of a three blades on a ball. When in normal mode the energy ring is red and blue. When in power mode the energy ring is black and red.

Energy ring: Burn Weight 4.6 gramsEdit

Burn facebolt consists of a three blades that can be used to deflect attacks and also make a very powerful sspecial move.


Spin Track 85RT08Edit

This spin track consists of a flame together with a gold trimming. It also shields multiple attacks from the rear.

Perfomance Tip:SpikeEdit

The spike perfomance tip can withstand multiple attacks thus giving it the inability to get knocked out of the stadium. Also it can still move on wet surfaces such as water or oil.

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