This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
BB-041 Breaker Macroshell is the Forty-First release in the Micro Disk System. It is essentially the upgraded version of Macroshell 8S. It is a C-Class top.

Trajectory Cap: Macroshell IIEdit

Macroshell is relatively identicle to the original Macroshell emblem, except the King Crab symbol is drawn to look "shattered". (Trans. Salmon)

Contact Ring: BreakerEdit

Breaker is a Class-A Ring. A pattern of lightly embossed "exclamation points" make up the rings texture.

Compound Spinpoint: Change Height Semi-SharpEdit

The first spinpoint with a function using a fixed shaft and tip. The metal shaft (at the end) can be twisted to change the height of its semi-sharp tip. The very tip can be pulled out and locked back in for the effect. (Light Orange)

Note: Using this part in customs reduces the parts to 4

Body Shell: Downward Saw Tall

Downward-Saw Tall is the higher-sitting version of Downard-Saw Shallow. (Light Orange)

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