Bolt Lyra Claw2 M

Face Bolt: LyraEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Lyra", one of the 88 space constellations. It's represented by a vulture or an eagle carrying a lyre, either on it's wings or on its beak. In Greek mythology, a musician named Orpheus was killed by the female follower of the Dionysus, Maenad. Upon his death, his lyre was thrown into a river, after which the Zeus the God of the Sky and Thunder, sent an eagle to retrieve the lyre and ordered both the Lyre and Orpheus to be placed in the sky as a constellation. The design features a lyre with eyes on a gray Face Bolt. This Lyra Face Bolt is made of Metal.

Metal Wheel: BoltEdit

The Metal wheel has lightning designs. These designs are made of Rubber and are yellow. the rest of the wheel is black. the rubber yellow bolts can slow the other bey spin down by its rubber on this wheel.

Track:claw 2Edit

It has 4 claws and is yellow in color.

Tip: MSEdit

Metal Sharp is the metal variant of the S (Sharp) Performance Tip and contains more Stamina. Being made of metal, it has more Solo Spin Time than most Sharp Tips, although the Balance is the worst of any Sharp series Tip, hindering its Stamina. Because of its bad Balance, when it gets hit by a strong attack, the bey will lose its balance and the Fusion Wheel will touch the floor. But it can be decreased using a low Spin Track like 100. While testing, this tip is shown to have excellent stamina potential, being able to outlast top Stamina Beyblades like Hell/Hades Kerbecs and Basalt Gemios 230CS. This tip is a top-tier stamina tip.

Special Move: lightning ClawEdit

Bolt Lyra has the lightning element. Bolt Lyra's specal move is when it lets out its 4 claws to attack, they are filled with lightning and when it hits another bey it causes a lot of damage.

Attack: 6
Defense: 7
Speed: 8
Endurance: 5
Balance: 6
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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