Blizzard Uranus Q:C is a Balance-Type Beyblade owned by Flaky2000.

Face Bolt: Uranus IIEdit

The Face Bolt depicts "Uranus". In Greek mythology, Uranus was the primal Greek God of the Sky. It has a completely different design to Duo Uranus 230WD's Face Bolt Design

Energy Ring: Uranus IIEdit

Weight: 4.0 grams

Uranus II appears to be dark cyan with a different whirlpool design to Duo Uranus's, it has two thick metal plates underneath for a heavier weight distrubution.

Fusion Wheel: BlizzardEdit

Total Weight: 41.90

PC Frame

Weight: 2.80 grams

Blizzard's PC Frame is a traslucent dark blue that is rounded on the sides with two walls similar shape to Virgo/Night that fits perfectly on to Blizzard. Its main function is to Change Blizzards mode from "Solid Mode" to "Blockage Mode" by rotating 90 degrees.


Weight: 39.10 grams

The Core bears a strong resemblance to the Virgo and Night Fusion Wheels in design but more rounded and does not have the two gaps that Night and Virgo has. In the Inner Section it is perfectly smooth with barely any details accept with some strange lines that go across.

When Blizzard is on "Solid Mode" it is lined with the PC Frame and would create a bigger Down Force for Stamina and more density which means exceptional Stamina and Defense but has little amount of Attack, On "Blockage Mode" It would close the shallower parts of the wheel and while still decent Defense although a little less, it does reduce a little bit of Stamina, but it does increase Attack Power due to the wheel is able to vibrate.

4D Performance Tip: Ouad ChangeEdit

It is a 4D Bottom that is able to change four modes in all types but however it is manual change much like D:D, it contains four Performance Tip modes, for Attack-Types are XHF (Extreme Hole Flat), for Balance-Types it is DFS (Defense Flat Spike), for Defense-Types it is WD (Wide Defense) and for Stamina-Types it is WDS (Wide Defense Sharp). This is a variable Balance-Type Bottom and has some decent modes although some are outclassed it is never the less a great Bottom.

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