Blizzard Delphius S145M2B
Metal Stone Face: Delphius
Face Bolt depicts Delphinus, one of the 88 constellations in space. It shows a dark blue Dolphin diving into the ocean with the words DELPHIUS etched across it in a wavy pattern. The Face is heavier than normal stone faces, being 4 grams heavier.
Crystal Wheel: Blizzard Chrome Wheel: Delphius
The crystal wheel is blue. It has two Dolphins swimming in a circle. The Dolphin tails stick out, this is good for smash. It may be unbalanced due to the gaps in between the dolphin heads, but nonetheless, it performs well in smash attacks. When in motion, it appears to have a "fence" surrounding the bottom of the Chrome Wheel, which is good for Defense. The Chrome wheel features two parts:
  • Upper Chrome
    • The Upper Chrome is a distorted, gear like wheel that somewhat resembles Death. The wavy shape of the Upper Chrome provides the bey with massive attack power, while still providing a little stamina.
  • Lower Chrome
    • The Lower Chrome is made out of a special ice material that will not melt and the temperature will always remain at 0 degrees. Its hardness is comparable to diamond. It provides excellent stamina, due to it's weight distribution. It is also light, adding on the stamina.
Spin Track: Saw 145 Pefromance Tip: Massive Metal Ball
S145 has curved blades that are shaped like dolphins that deliver extra power. The blades are very sharp and hard, able to saw through objects with ease. The blades are very hard and not easy to break, this can also act as a defensive mechanism. Massive Metal Ball is a extremely heavy tip, weighing around 3kg and making it possibly the heaviest tip around. It's heavy weight allows it to stablize the bey and keep it still. The inner side of the tip contains a small flat tip. When the bey is hit with enough force to push it slightly, the impact forces the inner flat to protrude out, allowing delphius to move very quickly, almost like disappearing.

Blizzard Delphius S145M2B
*Wave Motion Cannon: Activates its flat tip to quickly attack the opponent multiple times, like a wave hitting the shore
  • Torrential Tribute: Freeze the ground around the bey with its metal wheel, creating a small shield.
  • Skydive Crush: Jumps in the air and dives straight down, crushing the opponent under its tip.
Special Move

Absolute Zero: The whole stadium freezes up, Delphius Launches itself in the air and strikes down, shattering the ice. The sharp pieces of ice hit the opponent, who is also trapped in ice, causing it to slowly freeze up, where Delphius can easily launch a powerful attack to ensure a KO.

Blizzard Delphius S145M2B
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
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Attack: 13
Defense: 18
Speed: 12
Endurance: 15
Balance: 24
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

Blizzard Delphius S145M2B
*This was previously a 4D bey.
  • It is owned by Beymaniac505

Blizzard Delphius S145M2B

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