Blaze Tranzer is a Stamina Type Bey. It is owned by Kaitranzer.

Blaze Tranzer XWD145WED

Facebolt: TranzerEdit

Tranzer is the brother of Dranzer. It is a red Phoenix. It has Tranzers feathers going in to the right. The feathers form the words TRANZER. It is Red. It has a black Facebolt.

Energy Ring: TranzerEdit

Tranzer has Phoenix feathers in a tornado like pattern. It is light. It is a good stamina type wheel. It can outlast battles with top-tier Rings like Aquario.

Fusion Wheel: BlazeEdit

PC FrameEdit

A ressemblance of Scythe Kronos PC frame but Thicker and Bulkier and it's shaped more like Burn, it is able to change mode to Stamina (free-spin) or Attack (locked). It can Deflect hits and have better stamina than Burn and other top-tier Wheels.


A 50mm in diameter wheel, it has a Strong Ressemblance of the Dark wheel and the Blitz wheel, it has the spikes around it that acts like a blade. for extra attack. and by twisting the PC Frame it is able to switch from Attack to Stamina. It is colored in Red. It is good in Barrages. It also contains Bearings to give It the stamina it needs.

Spin Track: Xtereme Wide Defense 145Edit

XWD145 is a track. It is a variation of Wide Defense. It is as wide as BD145 in diameter. It can push opponents away. It has good stamina as it is heavy at the sides. It has good stamina.

Performance Tip: Wide Eternal DefenseEdit

This Tip is not to confused with EWD. It is a variat of Wide Defense. It is completely Free-spinning. It is similar to Phantom Orion's B:D but without Bearings and is much shorter.It has good stamina properties and can outlast WD and EWD


Flame shield : Tranzer creates a shield of fire around itself by friction which protects it from opponent's beys.

Flame stike : Trazer attack his opponents with great attack power it charges into them.

Flame slash :Tranzer attacks his opponents with a great speed.

Special MovesEdit

FLAME CONVERT STRIKE : Tranzer(beast) attacks his opponents by shooting a ball of Fire at them with large power and force.

Blaze Tranzer XWD145WED's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
60 50 40 140 50

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