Blaze Befall EW145WSD
Blaze Befall EW145WSD is a powerful Balance Type beyblade with the power to create massive fires with the power of friction and wind. It is owned by Pizza.

Face Bolt: Befall IIEdit

Befall II is similar to the regular Befall facebolt with a peacock head only the head is completely surrounded by peacock feathers. The feathers are rainbow colores and glitsen while the bey spins. It has the power to create friction to create a pinkish-purpleish flame when commanded.

Energy Ring: Befall IIEdit

Just like the Befall Energy Ring it has somewhat of a wall of feathers on 2 sides and two feathers going to the right on the opposite sides of each other. Only on Befall II the 2 side feathers a completely rainbow colored and the feather wall feathers are more seprate to create friction and wind for the fire.

Fusion Wheel: BlazeEdit

Blaze is sort of like the Burn Fusion Wheel with a smooth surface flame design near the center and wavy blades. Only on Blaze there is double the blades and the fire design is more intense looking. In all Blaze is a good defender with outstanding marks in stamina.

Spin Track: Extend Wing 145Edit

This spintrack has 3 triangular sharp wings that reach about to WA130 length but then the blader can command the bey to extend its wings like a peacock would fan out its feathers then they would reach out past Blaze. In extend mode the wings create a big wind force to combine with the friction to create the fire. With enough power it lets Befall soar, jump or float in the air. This gives great attack and stamina.

Performance Tip: Wide Spin DefenceEdit

This is similer to EWD and WD in many ways being part of the Wide Defence family. Like EWD it is free spinning but instead of the tip of the performance tip the whole performance tip spins. This provides great stamina like EWD.


Control Edit

Soaring Boost: The wings of EW145 extend and Befall gains the power to float in the air above the stadium and dodge in coming aerial attacks and can blow away beys with wind power


Chain Flare: Using friction and wind power Befall shoots small friction bullets to hit the opponent to put there bey off balance.


Spiral Gust: EW145 extends and an upward wind gust graduatly helps regain stamina power with wind force.

Special Move(s)Edit

Furocious Blaze Strike: Befall goes into Extend Mode and soars high into the air in a shroud of dark pink fire then fire explodes in the sky and Befall's beast soars down in a blaze in a spiral motion (Looks like a Pink Candy Cane Swirl) and strikes with its spin track and a fiery explosion fills the stadium.

Attack: 6
Defense: 6
Speed: 8
Endurance: 10
Balance: 8
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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