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Blast Typhlosion C:D is a left-spinning Attack-Type Beyblade owned by TyphlosionMaster1.

Blast Typhlosion C:D

Launcher: Fire BallEdit

The launcher is a modified string launcher with a better and longer string to maximize the power of the launch.

Face Bolt: TyphlosionEdit

This Face Bolt has Typhlosion's head in the middle, and it's head is surrounded by flames. The flames goes around the whole face and glows when in battle. The Typhlosion head has its mouth open with fire coming out. It is purple in colour.

4D Fusion Wheel: BlastEdit

PC FrameEdit

This is the most important part of this wheel, as it is the source of this wheel's mode change, and can change the wheel to Assault Mode and Barrage Mode (Barrage Mode is the most powerfull mode of this wheel). This wheel also creates friction from the PC Frames rubber to increase heat in conjuction with the tip.


The core has six blades that can either spin-steal (the spin steal comes from the pc frames plastic and it combines with the core to gain the ability to spin steal) or smash it's opponent. This part is very useful when this bey loses it's stamina because of it's spin-steal ability.

4D Performance Tip: Combustion Drive (C:D)Edit

This tip has four wings that can manipulate heat to make it move fast like a fireball, and smashes anything in it's way like a bulldozer. The wings also creates fire by heating up the air around it. The tip can also make a wave of heat by blowing up hot air around it.



  • Steam Hide: Typhlosion creates heat by using the wings on its tip, then turns it to steam to hide in.
  • Meteor Strike: Typhlosion turns into a meteor and jumps up into the air, then dives down full power at the opponent.
  • Heat Mirage: By using the heat, Typhlosion creates mirages of itself, the mirages then attacks the opponent(s).

Special MovesEdit

  • Fire Field: Typhlosion sets itself on fire and circles the arena while it creates a heat wave that englufs the arena which will ignite the opponent(s) on fire, decreasing thier spin. Typhlosion finishes the move by creating a fire tornado that englufs the whole arena, and traps all opponents, setting them on fire.


Blast Typhlosion C:D's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
70 55 65 65 70

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