The Bladers of the Legendary Legacy, also known as The Legacy Bladers, are a group of ten Bladers that are the incarnations of Legendary Bladers. They are sub-Divine Novas. Each of them has a crest somewhere on their body. That crest is where the Blader's Spirit of their Legacy is sealed. If you want to be Legacy Blader, list your Beyblade, Character, Legacy, and Location of Crest. Here is a list of the known & current Legacy Bladers:

Blader: Beyblade: Legacy: Location of Crest:
Chance Bryanto Plasma Libra TR145WD Gingka Right Hand
Jeremiah Varontine Death Gasher S7/145CF Kyoya Left Hand
Monty Rikizen Sol Libra T125ES Ryuga Right Palm
E.J. Harrisu Venom Sagittario C145FS, Venom Capricorn M145EQ King ???
??? ??? Aguma ???
??? ??? Dunamis ???
Ultra Kaizen Alfa Pegasis 352RF100 Yuki Right Shoulder
??? ??? Titi ???
??? ??? Chris ???
Michael Kurone Diablo Nemesis Z:D Rago

Left Neck/Shoulder, same as Sasuke's Curse Mark

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