Black Sun Cocoon


The Black Sun Cocoon is a barren, black wasteland. The plain itself is very fragile. There are cracks and canyons among it. The sphere itself is very small and dark. Due to this, this arena tends to easily break when Beys collide on it. Should a Beyblade crash into it, the entire arena will crack up, and begin to release some sort of strange, black ooze. Afterwards, the ooze will spread to one location and begin to create a uniform-like shape. Once the shape is complete, the God of Destruction, Nemesis will awaken and begin to assault all Beylades and Bladers within sight. Should Nemesis hit a Bey, there is a 95% chance, that Bey will be destroyed.

Reccomended Beys: Beys of Light

Created By: Gallantmon

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