Gordonas: nate Nate Nate NATE

Nate: what

Gordonas: wo have u ben awake this whole time

Nate: no i woke up at the part with the fog horn

Gordonas: oh i knew i heard a scream while the fog horn was blairing

Nate: y did u wake me up in the first place

Gordonas: u now last day of school

Nate: ya and

Gordonas: u know we r moving after school ends

Nate: again ya is this about not having any freinds again once we move

Gordonas: no ill all ways have my twin

Nate: so

Gordonas:sooo yesterday while mom and i where cleaning out the attic i noiced some thing shiny

Nate:of corse

Gordonas: hey a kid with add gets distracted easly

Nate: ok so now u woke me to give your problems

Gordonas: nooo

Nate: then what

Gordonas: i found ...

Nate: what

Gordonas: beyblades

chapter 2

Nate: cool a. d. d. them to the pile

Gordonas: not funny nate

Nate: nothing is to you gord'

Gordonas: well these beys r diferent


Gordonas: they are real

Nate: cool so there takara tomy

Gordonas: no

Nate: hasbro

Gordonas: no

Nate: sonokong

Gordonas: no real beys look

Nate: wo these beys ive never seen before

Gordonas: read the note

NOTE: greetings decendents i wish i knew your names i have left you 2 these beys who ever came out first owns sheild tucan R:D the other one gets rock horizen ME145 WD love great great great grampa

Gordonas: THE OTHER ONE!!!!!!

Nate: wo how did he now we where going to be twins

Gordonas: beats me im hungry

Nate:gords u r always hungry

Gordonas: what is realy freaks me out is that he started with greetings

-natthom aka Nate

beys used

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