Beyblade Microcosm: The Enduring Rhino! is part one of the Microcosm (Fanfiction) series. It involves the character Raibar Sado and his two live-in apprentices. It is written by Aggregate0072.

Plot SummaryEdit

Raibar Sado becomes increasingly refreshed to his interests of Beyblading socially after having himself secluded from everyone except for a few friends and work buddies. His two live-in apprentices he coaches to gain entry into the opening of Hong Kong's Beyblading District. One of the largest known projects that originally started as far back as thirty-three years. But as the executive celebrations were just about to kick it off; three off-figured men initiated a Rapid Swarm onto vulnerable property. Causing damages which severely crippled the beginning of fresh opportunities. Raibar being a retired veteran, and coach he quickly arrives with his students and by dreadful realisation continued on without caution. He could only keep this game of sworn-retiree up for so long until...

List of CharactersEdit

  • Raibar Sado
  • Seiji Minawa
  • Kondou Minawa
  • Konin Nakashima
  • Isoya Kuroda
  • Doctor 'Praxon'
  • Lord 'Sententious'
  • The Proxy
  • Brock Thaddeus
  • Theodore White
  • Brutax Aurora
  • Dustin Nielson

List of TeamsEdit

  • Section 216
  • Shore Sweepers
  • Team Breakers Ball
  • Distant Hedron Calamity
  • Op Cell Quadrant
  • Forge District Gatekeepers

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