Fanon Tag Team Championships
Tournament Information
Winner: TBA
Dates: When the Group Table is Full


  • In order to enter, teams of 2 must sign up in the comments section. The team must have atleast 3000 combined BP
  • Register prior to June 2012
  • Team will compete in best of 3 matches
  • All arenas will be selected via the Stadium Wheel
  • No Surrenduring as not to spoil the results and annoy the other team


  • 2000 BP per person
  • 1000 EXP per person
  • 2 Limitied edition Level 3 Bey

Registered Tag GroupsEdit

Tag Partner 1 Tag Partner 2 Combined BP Group No.
TheRedNova Desboy 16,550 1
Recon Callum 14,650 2
Gingka Titi 9,285 3
FastBlade King 9,025 4
Joan Kululu 6,325 5
Mana Fusion 8,475 6
Beymaniac Typhlosion 7,850 7
Synchro37 Spice 5,295 8



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