400px-Screen_shot_2011-11-03_at_4.32.36_PM.png EPISODE 9: BACK TO THE LAB

After their beys evolving, Jacob and Randi soon realized that there was something going on.

"Excuse me...but may I see your beys for a second?" an old, frail voice said. Randi turned around, and there was what appeared to be an old Chinese man. He had a bright red tunic with black outline and a cane.

"Um...Sure." Randi said. One at a time, everyone handed their beys to the man. He inspected them, part for part. He then handed them back.

"Just as I had thought. Follow me, please." he said. He started walking toward a huge facility.

"You own this place?" 98 asked.

"Yes sir." the man replied.

"AWESOME. Is there a pie factory in there?" Gingka asked. Tthe man chuckled.

"Yes, there is a pie fa-" he was thrown over by Gingka and 98, racing to find the pie. "I'm all right." he said, standing up. "I'm used to this nowadays." He continued to lead them into what appeared to be a Beyblade lab.

"Woaaaaahhh." everyone said. There were so many gadgets! FastBlade started to put his hand up to an expensive-looking computer.

"Don't touch that!" Said the man, whacking FastBlade's hand with his cane.

"OWOWOWOWOWOWWW!!!" FastBlade cried, holding his wrist. Suddenly, 3 figures walked in, all with hoods.

"Ah. Visitors!" the man said. He walked over to them. "Welcome to Bey Lab. Is there anything I can do for you?..." while the man was talking to the visitors, Randi chimed up.

"The one on the right looks an awful like that Recon guy we met a while ago..."

"I agree. Should we check him out?" Lukus suggested.

"No." Zane said. "They will reveal themselves to us. Right now, we should keep a low profile." Suddenly, the man walked back.

"They were here for the machines." he said. "Beybladers are allowed to use certain machines if they have a permit. They all had one."

"Sorry to interrupt, but who are you?" FastBlade asked, still clenching his wrist.

"I forgot to tell you! I am so sorry. My name's Dangh Shei." the man said. "I am the manager here. Now, let me see your beys once again." Everyone handed Dangh their beys, and he scanned all of them. "AH HA!" He said. "You are all Universal Bladers! Except for the blonde over there."

"HEY! I TRY HERE!" Jacob cried.

"Well, let me tell you how they were formed. About 40 billion ago, there was a galaxy called Uriuus and it had a planet called Camzohtz. There were 20 creatures there who custom built each of their own war tools. They used these tools to conquer other galaxies. They finally found the Milky Way. When they were approaching, there was a huge explosion! All of the creatures were gone, and their tools hit the newly formed Earth. They fell into the Earth's magma, sealing them for billions of years. Then, one day, archaeologists found one of these objects. He sealed it in a museum. Soon the other 19 were found. Afterwords, 10 humans decided to possess them. 15 of them were good, 5 were evil. When they picked up the beys, they passed down the trait of either good or evil. You all: Randi, Tempo, Zane, Lukus, Gingka, 98, FastBlade, Hyomafan, Danni, Leo, and Tyler have all good traits. You must find the other 4 fast, because the 5 ones with the evil trait are: Zukifam, Recon, Nyx, Dyno, and Zirou. They are fierce, those bladers." Dangh explained. Suddenly, a large crash was heard. Dangh spun around to find 3 bladers: Zhou Hei, Huang Di, and Recon! They commanded their beys to break the machines. Randi held off Recon, Zane had Huang Dei, and Lukus took care of Zhou.

"LET IT RIP!!" The 3 shouted. They all formed a triangle and their beys started spinning in a circle. FAST. Soon, the beys formed a tornado ofFire, Water, and Ice! Basalt Bat jumped in the middle of the tornado. Together, they sent each bey flying. Zhou's AttacKat was defeated. However, Apus and Dynasty were still spinning. They charged at the tornado with amazing speed, but Tyler's Puma and Hyoma's Bastet blocked them.

"Dynasty! Flash Break!" Huang commanded. Dynasty broke through Puma's defenses and stopped the tornado.

"Hurricane! Category 5!" Zane commanded. A huge Hurricane formed inside the lab, throwing Apus and Dynasty. Danni's Eagle popped up through the eye of the hurricane and turned into it's beast, an eagle. It used it's wings to smash Apus and Dynasty. Apus suddenly blinded everyone.

"I've seen this!" Tempo said. "BAT!" Bat suddenly found Apus and smashed him! Apus fell to the ground, defeated. Huang Dei caught his bey and retreated. The other 2 followed.

"That was easy." said Zane, catching his bey.

"And I thought the people at the park were weak!" FastBlade remarked. Everyone laughed.

"Well, I better get home." Leo said. "It's almost 8:30."

"See ya, Leo." Lukus said. Everyone then turned to Dangh, who was shaking.

"How could I have been so careless..?" He mumbled to himself.

"Hold it." Tempo said. "I thought for a minute, maybe a second, I could see what they were doing here."

"Is it because you were possessed?" Randi asked.

"Maybe." Tempo said. "I know now! They used the remains of my bey at the lab for 3 other beys, and they wanted to put them together here! Looks like they finished." Tempo said.

"Well, I better go home too." Randi said.

"We all should. It's late." Zane pointed out. "Also, we don't wanna be mugged." 98 laughed hysterically. "That wasn't a joke." Zane said.

"Oh." said 98, embarrassed.

"Well, see ya later, guys!" Tempo said.

"See ya."


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