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Episode 2- The Universal Bladers

Meanwhile, the battle is still going on between Randi and Zukifam. Both blades are on the verge of stopping.

"I WILL WIN THIS!!!" Zukifam shouted.

"Yea, good luck with THAT, old man!" Randi replied with a smug grin. Both beys charged at each other!

"Jesto, Trickster Blast!" said Zukifam.

"Kynite, Flash Beam!" Randi shouted. Just as they were about to make contact, a bey interfered! "Wha..?" Randi said. He then caught sight of a blader in the distance! "Who the heck are YOU?!" Randi shouted.

"...." Then the blader summoned the bey back to his hand.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Randi yelled once again.

" name is Zane." Then a huge cloud of smoke appeared in front of Zane. When it cleared, he was gone!

(Scene changes to the tournament)

"I-I don't believe it!" Jacob shouts. "I-I-I'm facing a.........UNIVERSAL BLADER!?"

"Yea, that's right," Tempo said.

"WHOA BOY! A UNIVERSAL BLADER?!! THERE ARE ONLY 5 IN THE WORLD!" The announcer shouts excitedly.

""Go, Screech Bat!" Tempo's bey started charging fast, but blindly!

"Is this really the power of the Universal Bladers?" Jacob mocked at Tempo.

"No. Did you not happen to notice the name of my bey?"

"You mean Screech Bat?" Jacob asked.

"Yes. Right now he acts like a bat; he is blind. But when he screeches..." Suddenly a loud pitch shriek echoed across the arena! "...he can locate his PREY! Go now, Screech Bat!" Screech bat suddenly attacked fast and furious with hard blowing attacks!

"No way..!" Jacob said in awe.

"Let's finish this," Tempo said. "Bat, Special move! Tornado Echo Blast!" On those words, Bat started sending out echolocation waves. They soon formed a tornado of them!

"Ok...I don't know what the heck is going on, but I AM FREAKING OUT HERE!!!" Jacob yelled.

"GOOOOOO!!!" Tempo shouted. Suddenly, Jacob's bey was thrown out of the stadium!!!!

"" clink, clink.

"The winner is...Tempo!!" The crowd was cheering. Suddenly, 3 people ran in.

"Hey Tempo, sorry we're late..." One said.

"Wait....where's Lukus?" Tempo asked, worried.

".......I think he got captured." The second one replied.

"WHAT?!" Tempo shouted.


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