Sorrows Rest is the 12th Chapter of Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos


  • Our heroes are in their hotel room discussing the "Lost Star" Situation

Destin: We have to find a way to hunt these corrupted guardians, for now we'll call them Lost Stars.

Hunter: Well they're out to capture the spirits of the innocent so more than likely they'll find us.

Remiel: Sazuke sent those things to all corners of the earth by the time they all find us it'll be too late.

Raymond: Well I say we spread our reach across the world too.

FastBlade: How are we supposed to do that?

Raymond: ummnn...I don't know.

Remiel: Well I do, Destin can free sprits and travel in and out of the void.

Hunter: Point?

Remiel: Well since they're good guardians again they can help us stop this oncoming war.

Destin: Good plan but we've only stopped on star meaning it would be us and one more person.

Claude: *Comes in the door*

Hunter: Hey Claude

Claude: Hey guys I heard around town about the sudden kidnapping of Sir Gill Rena.

Raymond: The guy who runs these islands?

Claude: Correct. He was kiddnapped about 20 minutes ago along with all of his security officers without a trace. I took it upon myself to secretly search the office and found something interesting.

FasBlade: Sooo..?

Claude: What I found were a series of cuts and impact craters on the inside of his office all along the walls, seeming to be the work of a beyblade.

Raymond: So lemme guess spread out?

Claude: Not exactly there are still the Sire's advisors who I think will be the next targets of this assassin.

Destin: Makes sense so how many adivsors are there and what's our next move?

Claue: Their are three advisors so we should split our group in thirds based on our abilities and wait out the attack. *All discuss the plan*

  • Later On

Destin: Alright then, I'm going with Raymond, Remiel with FastBlade and Hunter with Claude.

Hunter: Alright Guy's move out!

  • FastBlade and Remeil head to the first estate house where Advisor Simmons is reviewing the kidnapping over a press conference

FastBlade: Let it Rip! *Launches Eagle in to the air to keep watch over the sky's* Go Eagle!

Remiel: Im gonna sit in on the press conferance, I'll signal you if anything goes wrong.

  • Destin and Raymond head to the security office of Namyl where Advisor Churchal is meeting with the Secretary of Defense.

Destin: Ray keep a look out this is probably a primary target.

Raymond: Alright, Des what are you gonna do?

Destin: I'm gonna sneak my way back into Sir Gill Rena's office for more clues.

Raymond: That wasn't in the plan.

Destin: I know I just have this feeling, I'll catch you later. *Runs Off*

  • Hunter and Claude head to the main Malo detective bural where they are discussing leads to the kidnapping.

Claude: I'll sneak my way inside to listen in for any leads while you keep watch and make sure no one comes.

Hunter: Alright...

  • Several Mintues Later

Hunter: *Whistles* No sign of anyone..* turns around, hears a noise* Woah, what was that *A black figure continues to move at high speeds around him* What's going on!?

Voice: What a drag *Figure rushes at Hunter*

Hunter: Woah!!!! *Scream heard from afar*

Claude: What was that? *In the vents looking over the meeting, heads outside to find Hunter beaten and passed out* What could have done this!? Oh no the meeting! *runs back inside to find an empty office building* What the hell....?

  • Destin is in Sir Gill's main office looking at the marks on the walls*

Destin: Looks like this attack was swift but brutal, it seems like these marks were made from the rebound or maybe...*get's call* Hello?

Claude: It's Claude I found Hunter knocked out presumably by the enemy and now everyone here is gone, relay this message to the others.

Destin: Ok, be careful.

Voice: What a I have to silence you too...

Claude: *Turns around* So this is your doing, just who are you!?

Shade: The name is Shade and I'm sick of sending people to the void...I've done enough already gimme a break.

Claude: You fool! Do you know what you have done?

Shade: Well...yeah I just hit my enemies with a couple quick blows and it's over.

Claude: So it's that easy huh?

Shade: Well I can't send Nova's to the void cause the boss said so....but I guess it's a good thing your not one.

Claude: Argh! *Loads Beyblade and aims*

Shade: Aww man...what a pain, oh well *Dissapears*

Claude: What the!? *Black Figure circles Claude at high speeds leaving marks on the ground and items around them* So it was you! *Gets hit several times from the passing figure* AHH!!! *Launches Beyblade*

Shade: Wow you're pretty tough...what a pain *stops circling and reveals a beyblade infront of him* My speed sloth attack is unmatched in both power and can't win*

Claude: Leopard! *Leopard dashes at Shade*

Shade: Too slow *dissappears and reappears behind him* Way too slow *Hits Claude with a devastating barrage*

Claude: AH!!!! *Severly injured by the barrage and falls to the ground* Damn it all...I can't read his movements let alone launch a counter attack...

Shade: Well I guess were done here dude...time to end my pain and yours... *Sloth beast appears* Now end it! *Sloth sends scythe tail at Claude*

Claude: Is it over...*Leopard beast defends Claude from the attack* no....My fallen people! they've returned as my guide and they'll give me exactly what I need to defeat you! *Takes off scarf*

Shade: Ahh man...more work o well..*dissapears and appears above Claude*

Claude: Not this time my respected opponent! Special Move: Shadow Claw Barrage! *Leopard jumps into the air and hits Shade and his beast with a combo of several slashes*

Shade: No...way...what a pain but I guess this isnt so bad considering serving them..was the biggest pain of all *fades away into the sky*

Claude: *Falls on one knee and returns Leopard*

  • Destin and the others arrive at the scene*

FastBlade: Woah what happened?

Claude: I defeated the assassin, he was indeed a Lost Star.

Destin: Too bad we couldn't save the people.

Raymond: We have to find a way to fight the Lost Stars.

Remiel: Agreed my young friend but we need to get Hunter to safety first.

Destin: Let's do it *picks up Hunt and walk towards the medical clinic*

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