The Messiah's Decent is the 10th Chapter of Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos


  • Our heroes Destin and Hunter square off in battle with the Xes Twin's Hack and Xero

Everyone: Let it Rip!

Hunter: Time to go in!!! *Mars rushes at Quasar Apus*

Xero: You'll learn not to underestimate me, the HARD WAY!!! *Apus spreads wings coming out of the bitium*

Hunter: Huh!? *Quasar blocks Mar's attack* What!

Xero: What did I tell you, Hahahahaa! You have yet to see what powers the bird of paridise holds! *Repels Mars*

Hunter: I'm not giving up that easy pal! *Mar's rides of stone and fly's into the air* Mid-Air Mode Change!! *Mars goes from EBS to Semi-Flat*

Xero: Oooh you have some backbone I see

Hack: Don't underestimate their power! *Intercepts Mars' dive*

Destin: Comon guys let's try to keep this fair! *Aquila smashes Cosmic Apus and allows Mar's to spin atop of Aquila* Now hit the skys and take em down! *Uppercuts Mars into the air*

Hunter: Their we go! *Mars smashes into the pond creating a large explosion of water*

Xero: Oooh that was a nice trick :P

Hunter: Go Elemental counter! *Mars cuts out of the explosion and slams Quasar Apus*

Xero: Using the water as extra momentum huh? Well that just won't due! Bird of Paridise and the Wings of Destruction Collide to create the Quasar of Chaos! *Quasar Apus appears as a pheonix of darkness and blasts Mars' away with a breathe of Dark Fire*

Hunter: Woah!! *Explosion blasts hunter backwards into the water*

Destin: I think it's about time I get involved! *Aquila cirlces Quasar fast enough to create a cyclone of water trapping it*

Hack: I concur *Cosmic Apus rams its way through the cyclone and times it perfectly to smash Aquila away*

Destin: What amazing percision! But this isn't over! *Aquila releases air to shoot it into the air*

Hack: I guess my studies were correct, you look to escape danger by taking to the sky's. XERO!!

Xero: Now your all mine Nova! Quasar of Destruction! *Phoenix flys into the air and tail whips Aquila back into the watery serface*

Destin: Oh Well, Go Rave Cyclone! *Aquila creats a cyclone of water around it and rushes towards Hack*

Hack: *Pulls out sword and makes vertical slashing motion, Cosmic Apus cuts through the gyser and smashes Aquila*

Xero: My turn! *Phoenix dives towards Aquila*

Hunter: No Way, Terra Shield GO! *Mars (Guardian) defends Aquila with his shield*

Hack: Impressive but lets see if you can withstand two attacks of the same calibur, Cosmic Apus! *Cosmic Apus Guardian appears and Fire's a tri-beam at Mars blasting it away*

Hunter and Destin: Ahhh! *Both are blasted back by the impact*

Hack: How dissapointing of two of the most powerfull Divine Nova's.

Destin: Don't you ever count us out pal *walks out of smoke* Cause I refuse to lose this battle! *takes off cloak (hat has been blasted away with the wind) *

Hunter: *Smoke clears with an explosion of red energy* Yeah! Cause I'm just getting started! *Hunter Now In Nova Mode* Mar's ATTACK!!! *Energy dispurses from Mars in waves completely empting the shallow lake of its water that comes back sprinkling down like rain

Destin: Now let's pick up where we left off, raaahhhhh* Runs towards hack with Aquila following behind*

Hack: Imbrace your demise! *Draws Sword, and runs towards Destin with Cosmic Apus following behind*

Destin and Hack: AAHHHH!!! *Destin makes a punching motion at Hack and Hack makes a slashing motion at Destin causing an explosion seen from afar*

  • Meanwhile

Remiel: Ok your all bandaged up, but we still gotta get you to a doctor*

FastBlade: Ok... am I suposed to see black right now..? *falls back

FastBlade: I want a chocolate bar. And I still can see. and my chest hurts. Hey a raccoon :D. AAAH HELP RACCOON STOP IT THATS MY CHOCOLATE.

Raymond: Guy's look *points to the explosion*

Remiel: That must be where Hunter and Destin are. *Thinks* (I just hope they make it out of their)

  • Back at the battle

Destin: RAHHH!!!! *Slams Apus into the forest next to the lake*

Hack: Comon!! *Apus rides up a tree and slams from above*

Destin: Not good enough! *Dodges, appears behind hack and slams from above*

Hack: AHH!!! *Slams onto the ground*

Destin: *Land's* I Guess your not so special after all...*huff* huff*

Xero: Why You! *Rushes at Destin*

Hunter: Where do you think you going! *Mars intercepts and slams Quasar in the opposite direction*

Xero: That won't stop me! *Phoenix reappears and slams into Mars*

Xero and Hunter: Rahhhh!!!! *Another explosion*

Hunter: Not over yet!! *Mars comes out of the smoke and goes to slam Quaser*

Xero: You persistant little insect! *Quasar and Mar's slam several times over and over from different directions*

Hunter: ATTACK!!! *Slams Quasar into the air to land into the forest*

Xero: I will not lose! *Phoenix get's bigger and sets the forest on fire with black flames while arising from them*

Destin: No Way! Aquila!!!! *Aquila Appears*

Hack: Hehe... Never take your eyes away from your true opponent, Cosmic Apus! *Apus appears and blasts Aquila into Mars* Now finish it!

Xero: GO!!! *Phoenix dives at them both*

Destin: Special Move: Black Burst Hurricane! *Aquila causes a hurrican of dark air that ingulfs all of them and casues the Quasar to miss it's target with zero visabilty*

Xero: You can't stop my power! *Qua

Hunter: Now your mine!! AAAH!H!!! *Red Energy Erupts from Mars* Special Move: Lumino Saber! *Mar's appears out of the red energy and slashes Quasar, defeating it*

Hack: You foolish ingrate, Special Move: Cosmic Burst *Apus's chest splits, cannons come out and blast Mars*

Hunter: AHH!!! *Gets blasted away and Mars get's defeated*

Hack: Foolish boy..I've won

Destin: Forgot about me have you! I'll make sure you never forget me again!! *Aquila condenses the hurrican into a cyclone blast from the mouth of Aquila*

Hack: Ahhhhh!!!!!! *Get's blasted, explosion*

Destin: *Recalls Aquila* We win...*Apus stops spinning*

  • A clapping sound is heard from afar*

Voice: Well done my good sacrifices, well done. *The voice revealed to be Sazuke walks out of the forest*

Destin: No Way!!...It's you!! Sazuke...

Sazuke: The one and only.

Hack: You wait till now to help! *cough*

Sazuke: Keep quiet you groveling ingrate, you've already done what you needed to do.

Destin: What?

Sazuke: The energy produced from this battle fueled the Cosmos enough to allow me to be set free.

Hunter: *Gets up* That doesn't make do you still have your body.

Sazuke: I am the messiah of the nebulous, his chosed disciple to lead the world into darkness. I have been granted the power of a guardian spirit allowing me to take my original form and one other.

Destin: You don't mean...

Sazuke: *Smirks* Hahaha whitness the power of the messiah *Eyes grow a pitch black, nose/mouth expands forward and buldes pop out of his neck*

Destin: What the hell!?

Hack: No, this power should belong to me!

Sazuke: MUAHAHA *His head and neck buldges become cerberus heads and his body grows into a body of a cerberus* This is now my true form, my human state is now simply a vessle for moving more comfortably.

Destin:You need us, you can't do anything to me or my friends!

Sazuke:Wrong! You fool I now have the power to release Guardian's on my own! All I need is a few sacrifices for myself!

Destin: Oh No!

Sazuke: The people of this valley have been devoured by me and now I can open the gate to destruction! *Gate Appears Behind Sazuke and opens*

Hack: What is this?

Sazuke: Watch and whitness the beggining of the end! *The Gate releases several dark shooting stars across the planet* I have currupted several spirits that dwelled within the void and sent them to conquer the world*

Destin: I'll stop each and every one of them!

Sazuke: You fool! You'll never stop me! ROAR!!!! *Sazuke goes to devour Destin*

  • A quick moving boy runs through the forest*

Mysery Boy: *Jumps atop of Sazuke and slashes several times with a Kunai then retreats next to Destin*

Destin: Who are you!?

Claude: I am Claude Byakuran a native of this valley. This...thing they've destroyed my home and taken my family from me and now I will give them a punishment no less suiting than DEATH!! *Rushes back at Sazuke*

Hack: *Intercepts Cluada and blocks him with sword*

Claude: You two over their! Get out of here! I hold them as long as I can *fights with Hack*

Destin: Alright Comon Hunt! *Both run away*

Sazuke: You won't get away! *Charges in their direction*

Claude: You won't get away! *Throws smoke bombs in Sazuke's eyes*

Sazuke: Ahhhhh!!

Hack: Now your mine! *Goes to slash Claude*

Claude: *Dodges and throws smoke bomb below them and dissapears*

Hunter: He'll catch us at this rate, I'm to tired from the battle!

Cluade: Thats not what I like to hear *appears running behind them* Follow me *runs in a different direction*

Destin: Alright let's go! *Hunter and Destin follow close behind*

Sazuke: So now it's a game of hide and seak! ROAR!! *uses chains around his neck and wrists to destroy the terrain*

Claude: *Arrive at a tunnel* Go in we'll be safe here! *All get inside* This will take us all around the valley.

Destin: We need to find Cosmos.

Hunter: No way man not with Sazuke out their in that super guardianoid form, we need to leave and free all of those lost stars that just landed.

Destin: Alright, Claude I need you to take us back to the ravine.

Cluade: Understood. *Leads them through the tunnel*

  • In about an hours time

Remiel: Omg this is getting tiresome...

Raymond: When are Destin and Hunt gonna get back

Hunter: How bout right now?

Raymond: No Way! *looks up and sees Cluade, Hunter and Destin stand on the cliff above*



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