The Red Nova is the sixth chapter in Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos.

The Red Nova
The Red Nova 2
Chapter Number 06
Arc Shooting Star
Previous Chapter Raging Tyranno
Next Chapter Divine Secrets


  • Aztec Empire begins to sink*

FastBlade: Oh No!!!! *Runs back to land*

Destin: This doesn't look good!

Raymond: Thats for sure, we have to go! *Grabs Destin's wrist and runs*

Destin: We'll never make it!

Voice: I can help *Giant circle appears under all three of them and lifts them off the ground, the rest of the empire sinks* Ok move south horizontaly *Circle moves them back to land and drops them*

FastBlade, Destin & Raymond: Ahhhh!!! *Land*

FastBlade: Who did that!

Remiel: Me, my name is Remiel and I like you we're searching for the empire. I saw everything, and I can help you guys!

Destin: And how exactly will you do that?

Remiel: Well first of all I'm a Divine Nova like you guys and those other guys will be hunting us.

FastBlade: Can we drop this whole Divine Nova thing, we need a new name for bladers like us.

Destin: That can wait, we need to figure out our next move first.

Remiel: Well since the Nebulous is now at full capacity the others like Sazuke can't due much.

Destin: I disagree, they problably had a plan for this and plus Sazuke was no normal blader, more than likely more Guardians were released when he was absorbed.

Raymond: I hate it when he's right

FastBlade: Me too

Mysterious Man: Me three *appears behind them*

Raymond: AHHH!!!!

Mysterious Man: I think it's about time we introduce ourselves * two others appear behind them*

Raymond: Hey! It's the guy from before, the one on the left.

Rage Xes: The name is Rage Xes and I am the tactical adviser for Hack Xes.

Hack Xes: That would be me, the leader of our organization.

Xero Xes: And last but not least I am Zero Xes the brother of our acclaimed leader.

Rage Xes: Due to the suprizing failure of our "Messiah". We have to finish this.

Hack Xes: We have to capture the Guardians that were released with Sazuke.

Remiel: Thanks for the info but we have to go! *Circle appears around Remiel, FastBlade, Destin & Raymond and transports them*

Xero Xes: No!! *Runs towards it, gets transported*

Hack Xes: Xero No!!

Rage Xes: Damn thier gone...

  • Meanwhile: All fall down in the middle of a small Mexican town.

Destin: Ouch...How are you doing that?

Remiel: With this *holds up his beyblade, Alpha Volantis* it's not for beybattling but instead for using my visual magic.

FastBlade: and how does that happen?

Remiel: My guardian of course.

Destin: In the mean time we should look around and take our minds off of all this divine stuff. *Walks around town, and finds a local tourdament.

FastBlade: Yes, this should do the trick *enters name in the ballet*

Destin: Raymond lets enter too

Raymond: Yeah *Enters names*

An hour passesThe first match begins with Raymond vs Samuel

Remiel: Go Raymond!

Raymond & Samuel: Let It Rip! *Launches Beyblades*

Samuel: Go Thunder Driger! *Rams Tyranno to the edge of the stage*

Raymond: Ugh oh! Tyranno run!

Samuel: What are you doing, is this like your first battle or something? *Driger chases Tyranno*

Raymond: No! *Counters and circles around*

Samuel: You sure? *Intercepts and smashes*

Raymond: Yes, because it's my second! *Tyranno rams Thunder Driger out of the stage*

Samuel: No Way!

Raymond: Ha always expect the unexpected :P

Tourdament continues and FastBlade faces Andrew

FastBlade: Go Eagle! Diving slam! *Dives from above and slams*

Andrew: Comon Pegasus stone wall defence!! *Blocks slam*

FastBlade: Your Stone Pegasus is impressive but no match for my eagle* Goes back into the sky by repeling off of Pegasus* Now Eagle! Special Move: Eagle Sky Bomb *Dives on Stone Pegasu and causes an explosion*

Andrew: No! *Pegasus flies out of the stadium*

Several Matches later including Destin, FastBlade & Raymond defeating several anonymous beybladers*

Anouncer: Next match Hunter vs Jaiden

Hunter: This won't take long.

Remiel: Wait thats...!

Jaiden: Yeah your right I'll beat you quickly!

Everyone: 3! 2! 1! Let It Rip!

Hunter: Imperial Mars, Absorb Mode *Imperial Mars goes into absorb mode*

Jaiden: What will that do? Go Dreigos! *Smashes into Mars*

Hunter: Bad move. *Mars takes the hit and Dreigos slams to the edge of the stage*

Jaiden: We got him now!

Hunter: You think so? *Mars absorbs the rest of Dreigos spin and it sleeps out*

Jaidan: but....

Anouncer: Amazing without even making a single attack Hunter has one the match.

Later on the semi finals start with FastBlade vs Hunter

FastBlade: I hear your good don't dissapoint me

Hunter: I don't think you have to worry about that.

Remiel: FastBlade be carefull he's Hunter the Red Nova!!

FastBlade: The Red Nova huh, where have I heard that before? *Shrugs* Lets do this! *Takes Aim*

Everyone: 3! 2! 1! Let It Rip!

FastBlade: Go Eagle! *Eagle lifts off the stage*

Hunter: You did your homework, an attack from above would be most effective! But i have a counter attack! *Mars goes into counter mode*

FastBlade: That's useless! *Eagle dives on Mars*

Hunter: You know something, I've been waiting to face the mighty FastBlade for a while now. But your just one big dissapointment! *Uppercuts Eagle back into the air*

FastBlade: How dare you say that! Go Eagle, Special Move: Eagle Sky Bomb!

Hunter: Their it is, Go Mars Special Move: Lumino Saber! *Saber hits and absorbs Eagle's energy rendering it's attack useless*

FastBlade: No Way! Eagle retreat!

Hunter: Thats not enough! Imperial Mars, Attack *Smashes Eagle out of the stage*

Destin, Remiel & Raymond: *Gasp* No Way!

Announcer: The winner is Hunter! the next match will be Destin vs Raymond

Destin: I'll be the one to avenge FastBlade Raymond

Raymond: We'll see about that!

Everyone: In 3! 2! 1! Let It Rip!



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