Raging Tyranno is the fifth chapter in Beyblade Waking the Cosmos.

Raging Tyranno
Raging Tyranno
Chapter Number 05
Arc Shooting Star
Previous Chapter The Shadows of Space
Next Chapter The Red Nova


Sazuke: Do you like what you see?

FastBlade: I know I do.

Sazuke: This is where your destiny has led you here Divine Nova's. *Throws Raymond on to the floor* Now let's begin. *Raises Hands* Heed my call great Nebulous, I have brought you a great sacrifice my lord ~interruption~

Destin: Our chance! *Runs & grabs Raymond*

FastBlade: Dives on Sazuke and puts hands over his mouth* I've been waiting all day to shut your mouth!

Sazuke: *Necklace glows bright green and repels FastBlade*

FastBlade: Ahhh!!!! *Falls onto the ground*

Sazuke: You'll never escape *runs after Destin*

Destin: *Hides Raymond* Come on Emo Boy! *Runs in opposite direction*

Sazuke: You fools! You'll never escape

Destin: *Climbs atop ruins & aims beyblade* This ends here!

Sazuke: We will see!

Destin: That we shall!

Both: Let it Rip! *Launch Beyblades*

Elsewhere: *Raymond wakes up and explosions from the beybattle are seen from a far*

Raymond: Ouch what happened.. *Gets Up* where am I? and how did I get here...wait, this is the Aztec Ruins! Yes! We found it! *Jumps Up and down* Wait whats going on over thier? *runs over to battle*

Destin: Comon Aquila!! *Barrages Kerbecs* Wait is that you, Raymond your awake

Raymond: Yeah I am! *Echo & Light shines from a building*

Sazuke: Never drop your guard! *Smashes into rubble and creates debree field*

Destin: *Cough* *Cough* Follow him!

Meanwhile: *Sazuke arrives at light but is intercepted by a suprize visitor*

FastBlade: Your not going anywhere! Let It Rip! *Launches Eagle*

Raymond: Their they are!

Destin: Go Aquila! Help Eagle *Double Barrage Kerbecs*

Sazuke: You think you can defeat me! ME!! *Repels both* Now my ancient beast, devour them & feed their spirits to the nebulous *Cerberus appears & smashes both beyblades away*

Destin & FastBlade: *Beyblades crash into the debre around them*

Raymond: No Way! How can I help...I have to do something! Wait, That light thats it. *Runs into the light*

Sazuke: Your both finished! *Cerberus breathes fire sending Aquila & Eagle flying*

Destin:He's so strong... *Huff* *Huff*

FastBlade: But we have to keep going, GO!!! Special Move: Eagle Sky Bomb! *Eagle Dives on Kerbecs from the Sky*

Destin: Your right! Go Aquila, Rave Cyclone!! *Tornado forms around Aquila and rams into Kerbecs*

FastBlade: Keep it up, we have to keep pushing! GO EAGLE!!!!!

Sazuke: Your fighting is futile! *Chains come from smoke and trap Eagle & Aquila*

  • Meanwhile Inside The Light

Raymond: Where am I..? *falls out of light* Woah!!! *Lands on igneous rock* Ouch....Woah!!! *Looks up at a volcano* O.o How did i get here..The Light it brought me here?

Voice: You have been chosen among the few to weild a guardian, welcome to the void. This is where your spirit bonds with that of your Guardian. Free him from here within the nebulous and he will be forever thankfull.

Raymond: *Gulp* Here goes nothing *Climbs up Volcano, Erupts into a gyser of lava* No!!! *Loses balance*

Voice: Do not turn back, walk in the face of danger and awaken your destiny.

Raymond: I'll Do it for me and for my friends! *Runs into the Gyser, light shines from within*

  • Back At the Battle

Sazuke: Hahaha *Evil Laugh, smashing Aquila and Eagle agianst ruins with chains* You've bored me now and I'm going to finish it!

Raymond Voice: No You Don't! *Bright red light shines down apon the chains and shatters them.

Raymond: *Arives from the smoke* I'm back and here to save the day, Tyranno! *Tyranno rams Kerbecs into the Wall* Comon Guys!

Destin & FastBlade: *Get Up* GO!!! ATTACK!!! *All Smash Kerbecs*

Sazuke: This may even be trouble some for me; KERBECS!!! *Repels all and smashes Eagle*

FastBlade: Bring it on! *Stops in motion* I can only hold him for so long.

Raymond: Here I come *smashes Kerbecs*

Sazuke: Don't make me laugh *uppercuts Tyranno into the wall behind it*

Destin: Not so fast *flies Aquila in the air and hits Tyranno back into Kerbecs*

Raymond: Thanks Buddy, now Tyranno Roar your heart out *Tyranno roars the strength of its attack increases against Kerbecs*

Sazuke: Not bad for a first timer! *Pushes Tyranno back*

FastBlade: We got em' Now Des! *Aquila & Eagle come from above*

Destin & FastBlade: Special Move: Twin Talon Tornado Flash! *Creates giant tornado that crashes Kerbecs from above*

Sazuke: Ahhhhh! *Gets Blown Away*

Raymond: Yeah we got him!

Sazuke: *Smoke clears* Your gonna pay for that one, Kerbecs!!!! *Kerbecs rises from the smoke and repels all three beyblades*

Destin: We won't give up!

Raymond: We can't give up!

FastBlade: What they said! :3

Destin, Sazuke, Raymond & FastBlade: Go!!!! *Crash beyblades causing a huge explosion*

  • Light Shines from the Nebulous around all of them*

Destin: Thanks to Tyranno the Nebulous has space for one more spirit

Raymond: And that one is you Sazuke!

Sazuke: Can this actually be happening! The nebulous has chosen me.... o well this won't be the end *Accepts being absorbed..

FastBlade: o>O



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