Guardian Angel is the third chapter in Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Chapter Number 03
Arc Shooting Star
Previous Chapter Crater of the Cosmos
Next Chapter The Shadows of Space


  • Destin & Raymond walk through the forest*

Destin: This is pointless, we're not gonna find anything like this...

Raymond:That attitude is what lost you that match :P *Sticks Out Tounge*

Destin: Why You! I'd autto *grabs Raymond's collar and hold out fist*

Raymond: Now, no need to get violent, wait whats that! *points in the air*

Destin: What!? *Looks Away*

Raymond: Gotcha *Raymond Run's Away*

Destin: Wait Look *Points to an eagle circling the sky*

Raymond: *Thinks* (Wow i was just trying to escape)

Raymond: Thats one odd looking bird

Destin: I'll say..

Mysterious Boy: O' RLY!?

Destin: What The ?! Who are you?

Raymond: What he said

FastBlade: I am FastBlade the worlds number one beyblader, and I'm here to find the aztec ruins

Destin: Do you know anything of "Divine Nova"?

FastBlade: Divine Nova? What is that supposed to mean

Destin: Forget It *Walks Away*

FastBlade: Don't turn your back on me!! *Sends Eagle to attack Destin*

Destin: *Ducks* Woah What are you doing?

FastBlade: I saw your last beybattle and your nothing special so don't you dare act all cool.

Destin: Why you! *Loads Aquila* Let It Rip!!

FastBlade: Thats what I'm talking about! Go Eagle! *Eagle Attacks*

Destin: Aquila Dodge and Counter Smash! *Dodges and Counter Smashes*

FastBlade: Woah better than I thought! But is it enough? *Eagle counter uppercuts Aquila*

Destin: This is our chance, spread your wings Aquila!! *Faint Beast Image Appears*

Fastblade: Haha!! Is that it, lemme show you how it's done. Go Eagle! *Eagle Beast Appears and rides into the air*

Destin: This is no good, Aquila comeon!

Fastblade: Your going to have to do better! *Hits Aquila high in the air and continues to barrage higher and higher*

Destin Flashbacks: *Image of a blonde boy walking in the desert who callapses, but looks up to find the Aquila beast overlooking him as his guardian.

Destin: I know your their Aquila, you've always been their for me now I need you to hear my call and spread your wings high in the sky! *Aquila Beast Appears much bigger than the Eagle*

Raymond: Way to go Des, no show em what you got!

Destin: Go Aquila! *Slams Eagle from high in the sky, explsion*

FastBlade: Eagle, No!! *Eagle has a sleep out, Fastblade falls on knees*

Destin: You were impressive join us and we'll all find the ruins together *Holds out hand*

FastBlade: Welll.. can't belive I'm saying this but ok, but here this Destin, one day, I WILL defeat you!



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