Previously on Beyblade: System SagaEdit

Everyone in the world has a bey except Neo Spizoid. But when he an his friend, Masamune found 2 beys while walking home, a light appeared and the beys became weird spirits. Worried sick, they just stand there looking at the incredible sight. Now keep reading to find out more...

Chapter 2: The New Blader's Quest Begins Part 2Edit

"Answer me! Who are you and what do you want?!" Neo asked once again. "Allow me to introduce you to myself. I am known as Universal Pegasus and this is my friend, known as Thunder Striker." The first bey answered. "We brought you here because you are the sucessors to the Legend Bladers. You two, as well as other bladers, have to reunite and defeat the Blader Lord. He has put up four systems. The first one is the Hell System. You must destroy it to power up your beys, which will be us two and some other friends." Striker said. "Wow! Çan I have you as my bey Striker?" Masumune questioned. "Yes, since you are the sucessor to Masumune himself and your name is Masumune." replied Striker. "So I'm you're bey, Neo. You are the sucessor to Gingka anyway." said Pegasus. "Wait a minute, how did you know our names?" the boys asked at the same time. "Just tell us, are you in or out?" Pegasus asked. Neo and Masumune looked at each other. "We're in" they said as they nodded. The beys smiled and the light faded. The boys had the beys in their hands. They smiled and they set out on their journey.

Chapter 3 will be next Saturday!

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