Chapter 1: The New Blader's Quest Begins Part 1Edit

The first day of school in Blader's City came fast. Kids rushed out at recess and started beybattling... well all except for one: Neo Spizoid. He's never had a bey and probably never will. "I want to be the best blader in the world, like Gingka Hagane!" he told his friend Masumune, who was named after one of Gingka's best friends."Yeah, if you ever had a bey!" Masumune joked.

But when the day ended, while walking home, Neo and Masumune found 2 beys. When they touched them a light apeared. "Welcome, Legend Blader Heirs" the beys whispered. "You can talk!?!" Masumune asked in suprise."Of course we can talk!" the beys argued. "Who are you guys, and what's the Legend Blader Heirs!?!" Neo shouted, worried about where he was. The beys said nothing.


Chapter 2 will be next Saturday!

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