Beyblade: System Saga is the third saga of Beyblade. The main character for it is a boy named Neo Spizoid. The beyblade system for this saga will be a combination of the Hybrid Wheel System and the 4D System (but there will be only one Face Bolt and only one Tip/4D Bottom). So the beys will have 9 parts and can make heat, smoke, and will be electronic as well. Also there will be chapters for the saga created by RenKrawler17.

Story Edit

Hell System SeasonEdit

It's been 2 decades since the Legend Bladers and everyone bows down to Gingka and his friends. Though there are rumors that Gingka said that the Legend Bladers will pass on. Eventually it became true when Neo Spizoid finished his first day of 7th grade. Neo was a completely normal kid. But the problem was almost everyone in the whole world had a bey, except him! He couldn't afford a beyblade. But right when he finished his first day of school, he found Universal Pegasus BB3 23H:S59 while he was walking. He then figured out that all beys can talk (despite him never having a bey). He also figures out that he's one of the Legend Blader Heirs and that he must find the other heirs to the team so they team up and destroy 4 systems that the enemy has created in order to unlock Pegasus' true power. They then figure out the enemy, The Blader Lord has made a tournament for beyblading and whoever wins will get the Hell System.


Legend Blader Heirs:

Neo Spizoid- Leader of the team and heir to Gingka's throne.

Masumune Hikari- Heir to Masumune's throne.

Aros Vaskie- Heir to Sora's throne.

Drayo Liperoid- Older fraternal twin brother of Kree and heir to Ryuga's throne.

Kree Liperoid- Younger fraternal twin brother of Drayo and heir to Keith's throne.

Kin Kazamato- Heir to Kyoya's throne.

Troy Vaygan- Heir to Tsubasa's throne.

Kenneth "Ken" Jackson- Heir to Kenta's throne.

Yuri Kama- Youngest of the Legend Blader Heirs and heir to Yu's throne.

Helios Jr. Belington- Heir to Helios Sr.'s throne. Will first appear in the Heaven System Season.

Dexter- Heir to Damian's throne. Will first appear in the Heaven System Season.


Beyblade: System Saga Chapter 1

Beyblade: System Saga Chapter 2

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