Chapter 8: Angry Blader, Ignite That Battle!Edit

It's late at night and FastBlade still can't sleep! It's gone midnight and does Kerbex ever sleep? FastBlade was sitting against the wall, listning to Kerbex snarling in anger.

"Battle... ...FastBlade..."

FastBlade? Me? Why me? Am I a wanted guy? I so wanna sleep right now, man! FastBlade thought when he heard Kerbex say his name. All of a sudden, Eagle came running in his room with a tray full of cookies?

"Cookies! Cookies! Cookies, cookies, cookies!" Eagle ran in circles in the middle of FastBlades room. FastBlade sat upright against the wall, eyes wide open, staring at Eagle.

Eagle ran up to FastBlade and stuffed a cookie in his mouth.

"Want a cookie?" Eagle bolted out the door laughing.

FastBlade looked like he'd just seen a ghost! He nibbled the cookie. "I really have to lock that door at night..." He continued listning to Kerbexs. To his suprise, Kerbexs had finally shut up! Really? FastBlade felt himself being lifted against the wall. Kerbexs?

In a growling tone, the dark silhouette spoke. "Where is my battle?" He pushed FastBlade on the floor. "You owe me a battle!"

"Kerbex?" FastBlade shiverd, getting back up to his feet.

"I am not Kerbex! I am the Hell Kerbex! Now get back on the floor and bow down to me." Kerbex kicked poor FastBlade.

"Hey," FastBlade calmy said as he got back to his feet. "why beat me up when we can just battle now?"

Kerbexs thought of that for a second.

"Right after I get my bey. Just a sec. Be right back." FastBlade quickly said but as a result, he got kicked up against the bed rails. FastBlade clenched his stomach, the place where he got kicked. "Dude, why violence?"

Atushi looked up from his newspaper. "For some strange reason, I have a feeling Kerbexs is beating FastBlade up... ...and winning!" He then went back to his paper.

Kerbexs was now strangling FastBlade! "Battle! Battle me now!"

"I only wanted sleep!" FastBlade pleaded.

Atushi stepped into the door frame. "Hey!" He caught sight of them. "Oh, carry on." He went back to his newspaper.

FastBlade reached for his Bey and grabbed it. Then, just by attaching his Bey to the launcher, Kerbexs let go of him.

FastBlade said; "Ignite that battle, angry guy. 3!"



"Let it rip!"

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