Chapter 7: Randomer BladerEdit

While everyone was cheering, randomer walked up behind them and started cheering, too! Everyone but the guy who walked in stopped and started.

FastBlade, eyeing the kid, said: "How did you find this place? And who are you?"

The kid replied: "I'm Kerbex! Some call me Hell after the bey; Hell Kerbex!"

Blade walked over to Kerbex. "And what are you doing here?"

"Well," Began Kerbex. "I heard about the Light Hits and, I came running. See!" Kerbex held his bey to the other Light Guardians. It was Omnirage Zeuus XMH115PRiF!

"Dude, do Beys like that even exsist?" Gingka asked.

"Yes. It's right in front of you!" Kerbex growled. "And why do you train in a tip?"

FastBlade was curious. How did Kerbex find this secret place?

"This place is now rubble because a furious battle occered a few moments ago." Atusushi softly said.

Everyone searched the broken cabins for they're stuff while Kerbex just sat back and relaxed. FastBlade was still not happy with the fact that Kerbex had arrived for he never got his 'How did you find this place?' question answerd!

Testing Ninja's skills, Leo sent his kitten to look for a t-shirt he has lost during the battle.Gingka and Eagle found something shiny under the bricks and started to fisht over it. Once they pulled it out, it turned out to be an empty can of Coke. Blade, however, was just seeing if he found everything.

"Follow me to the new block of cabins!" Atushi rounded up everyone and led them to the new cabins. "FastBlade, son. Your Room 131. Kerbecs, 132. Blade, 133. Gingka, 134 and Eagle, 135. I'm Room 130. I'll get Akemi fixing the old block later." He then walked away.

"Akemi's my nan..." FastBlade sighed.

Akemi was walking slowly over to the group. Her old crinkled smile spread right across her face. As she went over to Blade, making a big mistake thinking he was FastBlade, giving in a great big hug. "FastBlade! Look at you! You've gotten bigger! You've shot up!"

"My family's embarrising..." FastBlade hung his head in shame.

"Hello!? I came for battles!" Kerbex leaned against the wall.

FastBlade couldn't get to sleep that night. He was annoyed with Kerbex, not telling him how he found the place. Also, Kerebx not shutting up all night singing: "I need a battle, battle, a battle is what I need!"

I need to get rid of Kerbex. First day here, yeah. But he's so annoying! At least make him answer my question. FastBlade thought. Make a deal, he battles me, he speaks. Or it'll be worse...

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