Chapter 6: Atsushi vs ReconEdit

"Go Gramps!" Cheered FastBlade.

"Old people rock!" Giggled Eagle. Everyone stared at Eagle.

"Pheonix! Burn a wall around him!" Atushi pointed at Apus.

"It's rude to point." Recon folded his arms. "Apus! Fly!" Apus jumed to the air, higher than any ordanary bey!

"It's strange..." Atsushi thought. "...Apus isn't losing any stamina while jumping. What else can a Bey like this do?"

"Nova Rage!" Apus jumped onto Pheonix and started spinning the oppisite way, unscrewing the Face Bolt of Pheonx!"

"Wirlpool Rotate! Liquid Pheonix!" Atushi started to spin around anticlockwise with his Bey.

Recon burst out laughing. "Your doing ballet? That's so funny!"

Atsushi saw his chance. "Now! Pheonix! Tsunami Rumble!" With Pheonix's Face Bolt tightened again, a massive wave appeard being led by a blue, watery pheonix.

"Counter Pulsar!" Apus copied Liquid.

"I've never seen anything like it! This... ...this is impssibe! Wait, how's it impossible when I'm seeing it?" Atushi was getting worried. How can he defeat Recon?

The two waves collided, flooding the place. Some water went into the Bey Stadium outside.

"Hooray! Swimming Pool!" Gingka got some water in a nearby cup and threw it at FastBlade, Blade, Eagle and Leo. Some went on Ninja and made him shiver.

"End the move, Pheonix!" Pheonix's water dissapered and beast sank back into the Bey. The same happened to Apus.

As Gingka jumped into the pool, the water faded. "Dang it!"



The two beys collided, making a giant explosion that sens they're bladers flying! Recon and Atushi landed on they're backs. They coughed.

"Gramps!" Cried FastBlade. "He's too weak! He might die!"

"Your nice, aren't you?" Gingka said to FastBlade.

FastBlade took a breath. "He is old so I have a point."

Blade handed Eagle some money.

A few minutes later, the smoke cleared. Recon got up and to his horror, Apus had a sleep out!

"Awww... back..." Atushi whined. Recon kicked him and walked past. Atushi managed to sit up. He smiled. Liquid was still spinning! He called back his bey. As Recon teleported away, Atushi stood in the broken door frame and held up is bey. The light reflected off his bey meaning he had won.

Eagle moaned as he gave Blade back his money. Everyone ran up to Atushi cheering.

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