Chapter 3: The First BattleEdit

“Uni!” Shouted Gingka. Pegasis started attacking Lazer.

“Ooh, your Bey is soooooo awesome!” Laughed Eagle, jumping.

“Yeah, yeah. Just focus on the battle, kid.” Gingka told Eagle.

“I am not a goat! Lazer!”

“You are now.”

Eagle didn’t seem surprised. Most people in his life called him a kid.

“Uni! Uppercut!”

This made Eagle focus a bit more.

“Lazer!” Exclaimed Eagle, watching his Bey fly high into the air. “Land and counter!”

“He, he, he.” Chuckled Atsuishi. “This would show us how good these two are to save the world.”

“Save the world?” Questioned Leo.

“Tell you after this battle.”

Lazer started countering Uni after landing back into the stadium.

“Counter back!” Called Gingka. Uni started countering Lazer who was also countering.

“Camo!” Eagle commanded.

“What!?” Shouted Gingka.

“Amazing!” Atsuishi leaned forward in his chair.

Leo’s eyes widened.

“Never seen that before...” FastBlade said to himself. “I have so gotta learn to do that!”

Then, out of nowhere, Lazer appeared, attacking Uni from behind!

“Throw him! Attack his landing!” Gingka shouted to her Bey.

As said, Lazer landed and Uni attacks.

“They’re good, aren’t they, Gramps?” FastBlade said to his grandfather.

“Yes they are.” Atsuishi replied.

“I’ll show you what I got now. Evade Mode!” Eagle shouted and his Bey went straight to Evade Mode.

“Dodge whatever’s coming, Uni!”

Uni dodges Lazers attack.

“Camo!” Cried Eagle.

“Hmmm...” Thought Gingka. “Maybe if- whoa!”

Lazer shot out of Uni from the stage wall or something!

“Dodge!” Gingka yelled.

Uni dodged.

“Go camo again! Unicorno!” Shouts Eagle.

“I’m going with the plan. Uni! Tornado Spin!” Gingka holds her hand out at Uni. Span around the stadium so fast, a tornado was created. But, the tornado started to pull in rocks that decorated the Secret Training Grounds.

“Great Light Guardians. Don’t you think?” FastBlade shouted to Atsuishi through the wind.

Atsuishi just focused on the battle.

Room 87’s doors edged open. Leo turned to see a figure standing by the door. Leo turned back to the battle quickly, scared.

“How’d you feel now, mate!?” Gingka called to Eagle.

“It’s fine! I’m an expert on tornados!” Eagle answered. Just as he said that, Lazer was sucked into the tornado!

“Lazer! Okay, maybe not an expert on tornados...”

“Fly up, Uni! Fly and counter, then throw!”

“What!?” Eagle bellowed, surprised.

“Keep your mouth shut, then... ...go Uni!” Gingka watched as Uni went up into the tornado towards Lazer.

“Dodge, Lazer!” Lazer was struggling to move.

“Ha, ha! Fail!” Gingka mocked Eagle. Eagle didn’t seem happy.

Uni then threw Lazer out the tornado and onto the grass in front of FastBlade, Leo and Atsuishi. They stared at Eagle and Gingka. Eagles jaw dropped as Gingka called back Uni.

“I claim to be rivals!” Eagle ran over to Lazer and into his room. He didn’t notice the figure in the shadows at Room 87...

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