Chapter 11: Good Meets Evil At The CampEdit

“So...” Said Destruction, admiring the outside world of Earth. “...what are we doing again?” The question drove Recon insane. “I told you three minutes ago! We are going to The Lost City and defeating the Light Guardians!”

There was silence.

“The... ...who?” Destruction timidly asked.

“Oh I give up!” Screamed Recon as he picked up Destruction and threw him onto some sharp rocks. He turned to Fusion. “Got anything to say to that, Dark Guardian?”

Fusion shook his head.

“Good.” Said Recon. “Now let’s go and grab that newbie and carry on.” The walked past Destruction and picked him up.

“Well then, we need a place to stay.” FastBlade said quietly as he looked at the city. It looked like lots of rocks on a mountainside, covered with lots of green grass, trees, moss and bushes. You could just about make out some windows and doors. There wasn’t a person in sight!

“We’d better set up a camp then.” Sighed Birdy as he petted Ninja on his shoulder.

When it hit sunset, the gang finally found a great spot to camp, a flat land on the mountainside near the city. They set up their tents.

“We’ll look for people tomorrow.” Gingka yawned. “At least find that key.” The team lit their campfires. Even though there was no wind, the fire went out! The group turned around to find someone blowing out their fire. It was Destruction!

“Really?” Said Recon as he turned to Destruction. Destruction gave Recon that 'I don't know' look.

"Leave us alone!" Kerbex groaned as he snuggled down in his sleeping bag.

"Is that so?" Recon kicked Kerbex's tent.

"I said leave us alone!" Kerbex screamed. "Get off of our campsite!"

"It's ours now!" Recon launched Apus at Kerbex. Kerbex done a backflip away from Apus and launched Zeuus and the two beys collided. Sparks flew everywhere.

Fusion stepped out from behind a nearby rock. Gingka, FastBlade and Typhlosion stared at his hand. Clenched in his fist was a bey. Blaze Helios.

FastBlade reconised him strait away. "He's a Guardian..."

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