Chapter 10: Arriving At The Lost VillageEdit

After a while of Recon being on his own, his boss called him back into the room. “The reason why I brought you back in here is because I had a thought.” His boss said. “And this time, I’m being serious. This time, you will take one of our guardians with you, Fusion.” Fusion stepped out from behind the boss.

“Why him? He annoys me! Please let me go alone!” Recon begged.

“Annoys you eh?” His boss had a little thought. “Take Destruction with you.”

“What!?” Destruction stepped out from behind the boss.

“Really? Where are all these people coming from?” Recon asked confused.

“No need to know. Now make sure you teach Destruction stuff.” The boss turned his head. “Now take these two and leave.”

“But Mr. G, sir.” Recon tried to refuse taking these two other bladers.

“Just go! Get outta here!” Mr G kicked the three guys out and then went to sit down.

“I’m getting tired of my nickname...” Birdy sighed.

“Good for you.” Said Gingka. Everyone was packing to leave the secret training area to find more Guardians.

“But Birdy... ...keep the nickname, please?” Pleaded Typhlosion. A few hours later, the gang were on a boat and almost at the docks. Atsushi put an ancient map on the table. It was a map of the place they were going to. There were faint words on it. “You must find a secret cave and retrieve a key that’s missing in order to get into the cave deep in the village.” Atsushi said.

“The Lost Village?” Fusion read. “Why is it called ‘The Lost Village?” “Well, let me tell you why.” Atsushi said. The team moaned.

“Seriously? Another history lesson?” Gingka asked.

“Long ago, the village lived in peace and harmony.” Atsushi started off.

“Bravo. Bravo.” Typhlosion sarcastically clapped. “Now let’s go. We’re here already!”

“I’d wish you’d all listen.” Atsushi said to himself. He saw as the gang got all their stuff and hurried off board. Atsushi watched them all leave the boat.

“You never heard the rest!” He called. “You don’t know the dangers!” “Bye!” Everyone called out as they ran ahead, not even listening.

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