Chapter 12: The Dark GuardianEdit

"Smash him!" Growled Kerbex. Zeuus crashed strait into a nearby rock.

"Don't scracth my bey! Apus!" Recon commanded Apus to charge at Kerbex. "Starlight Blast!" Apus used the free spinning of it to crash into Zeuus.

"I won't let this happen!" Zeuus dodged Apus' attack and then charged at him, sending him flying!

While that was happening, FastBlade was challanging Fusion to a battle. Fusion didn't accept strait away.

"Vaporizer! Go shoot!" Typhlosion launched his bey at Fusion.

"Vaporizer!?" FastBlade, Blade, Gingka and Birdy asked confused.

"Yeah, Vaporizer Unicorno L:L. The most powerful bey in the world! It was Phazer... ...but I evolved it for more power!" Typhlosion announced. Blade, FastBlade, Birdy and Gingka gave the 'annoyed' face. Typhlosion always goes on about being number one. While he was telling the rest of the gang about his bey, Fusion launched Helios. Typhlosion panicked.

"I want to battle too!" Laughed Birdy and launched Clown into battle.

"Is that a new bey?" Asked Typhlosion.

"Battle!" Snapped Birdy.

"Knight Crush!" Fusion told his bey. His bey stood still, obsorbing oxygen in the air to create carbon dioxide. Birdy and Typhlosion didn't know what Helios was doing.

"Thunder Wing!" Typhlosion made Vaporizer attack.

Birdy just figured out what Helios was doing. "Typhlosion! No!"

"That won't work." Helios obsorbed Thunder Wing! Clown knocked Vaporizer away.

"Hey!" Moaned Typhlosion. Birdy told Typhlosion what Helios was doing to his bey.

"Get off my camp, Recon!" Kerbex and Zeuus sent lots of hash attacks at Recon and Apus.

"Don't make me mad... ...Paradise Strike!" Apus uses his own spikes and digs into Zeuus's fusion wheel!

"Get out of there Kerbex!" Called Gingka. Before Kerbex could speak, Apus threw Zeuus into the air!

"Fall like a metor, crash onto Apus!" Zeuus fell fast, coming at Apus. Zeuus then landed on Apus' facebolt!

"Wrong way." Apus flipped Zeuus over so Apus was on Zeuus' facebolt. "Nova Rage!" Apus started to spin the opissite way unscrewing the face bolt. Zeuus was loose! Then, Zeuus started to get kicked around.

"I'll help you! Let it rip!" Gingka launched in her Universe Pegasis!

"Cheat! Your bey has more power as you just launched in! That is unfair. I'll still win anyway..." Recon chuckled.

"Uni! Uppercut!" Gingka shouted.

"Dodge." Recon said calmly. Apus dodged the attack.

"With your high speeds, counter!"

"Dodge." Recon repeated.

"Well, this is annoying." Gingka said. "I'll use-"

"Don't you use your tornados, Gingka. Zeuus will fall apart!" Kerbex said.

Gingka thought: I'll have to. Then come in with an even better attack!

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