Beyblade: Seeking The Legends is a story wrote by Gingka and Co (Grace), Titi and Co (Wataru) TyphlosionMaster1 and a few others helped think of ideas so Thank You! TyphlosionMaster1 and Titi
Space dust by zen nikki
and Co had the idea of the story and helped think of the plot. There's a new chapter every week.

(Will try to answer all comments and find spots for fans.)


In a Galaxy far from Earth there is a dying planet with inhabitans that uses Beys just like we do but as their planet is dying and there is a group who wishes to take the powers from Beys that has the power to revive their home planet from light that fell from the sky. Beys who have been hit by the light are chosen to carry this power. These are Light-Hit Beys. Those chosen must meet in Japan to discover the power their Bey's hold. But, does the group want to use the powers for more than just revive their planet...?

Main Characters:




Gingka and Co.






ReconStrike Commando

Recon's Boss


Other Characters

Atsuishi (FastBlade5035's Grandfather)

Main Beyblades:


Vaporizer Unicorno L:L (TyphlosionMaster1's)

Universe Pegasis WW125LS (Gingka and Co.)

Crown Clown M:M (LittleBirdy's)

Victory Eagle EWD175 RWD (FastBlade5035's)

War Vir CRED:D (Blade's)

Omnirage Jupiter XMH115PRiF (Evolves into Kaos Jupiter AMH120ARiF) (Kerbex's)


Shooting Star Apus MRF:S (Recon's)

Blaze Helios I:D (FusionXHelios5980's)

Other Beyblades:

Liquid Pheonix (Atsushi's)


Element Guardians:

Guardians Beyblades Elements
TyphlosionMaster1 Revolution Unicorno L:L Guardian of Lightning
Gingka and Co. Universe Pegasis WW125LS Guradian of the Universe
Titi Crown Clown M:M Guardian of Light
FastBlade Victory Eagle EWD175 RWD Guardian of the Sky
Blade War Vir CRED:D (will evolve soon) Guardian of War
HadesKerbex Annihilational X-Force Jupiter O.S.U.V. (to evolve soon) Guardian of the Olympians
Desboy96 Crimson Xiaolong EF145XRS Guardian of Fire
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???


  • Beyblade: Seeking The Legends was named Beyblade: Exploring the Legends. It was re-named after Chapter 1.
  • Chapter 2 was released on the 31st of October, Halloween.
  • Chapter 3 could be the longest chapter so far. If you copy and paste it to Microsoft Word, it'll be exactly 2 pages long!
  • Chapter 4 was released on Remembrance Sunday.
  • The Good Guardians vs The Bad Guardians idea was from Fusion Variares and Titi and Co.
  • Chapter 10 was 3 weeks late. Chapter 10 also had to be shortaned.
  • Seeking the Legends is the same name as Beyblade: Metal Masters' first episode Seeking the Legend except Seeking the Legends has an 's' on the end.

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