Chapter 1: Light-HitsEdit

Night is wonderful. Especialy when it was a Meteor Shower night. Millions of little balls of light fall. Falling from the sky. But, it was like these lights were searching, searching for somewhere to land. Gingka walked outside and looked up at the stars.

"Funny thing, stars. Its strange how some fall and others hang in the sky..." She looked at her Bey then back at the sky. As she was about to walk back inside, a blue light tumbled down at her.

Over in Sweden, the light also hit Eagle's Bey, Lazer Unicorno. He was trying to find any damadge done to the bey. But, he found nothing wrong. Infact, it was all fine! Everything looked brighter! The Bey sparkled as he held it.

"This is awesome!" exclaimed Eagle. "No damage. None. Well, good that crack in his Fusion Wheel's gone. That was starting to really annoy me." He looked on his laptop next to him. It was almost midnight. He shut the laptop lid and looked out the window. "Maybe this might of only happend to me..."

In Australia, Leo was getting used to his Light-Hit Bey.

"Clown! Cut that tree!" He commanded his Bey, Crown Clown. Clown sawed the tree down.

"Stronger than ever! That was super!" Leo called back his Bey and sat on a bench, enjoying a drink.

"Crrr... ...crrr... ...attention all Bladers!" Said a lady on the radio in an icecream truck oppisite Leo. Leo approched the truck slowly.

"If your Beyblade has been hit by some light last night, you must report to Japan!" The radio continued.

Leo looked down at his Bey.

The icecream man leaned out his window to Leo. "Has your Bey been hit by the light, kid?"

Leo timmidly nodded.

"Here, take this." The man handed him alot of money... cash! "Go to Japan. Its your destiny."

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