8 years ago...

It was a bright and sunny morning. No wait. It was a dark and gloomy day. Well, for the Nashi family at least. The beloved father and husband Hiroshi Nashi had passed away exactly a day ago. He left behind a wife, Riku Nashi, and two daughters by the names of Akita and Ayumi. Akita was 5 and Ayumi was 6.

"Where are we going now, mommy?" asked 5 year old Akita. Riku just sighed and shook her head. Poor Akita. "Let's just say we're going somewhere to start over." she replied. "Without daddy?" asked Akita sadly. "Yes Akita." Riku started. "Without daddy."

2 years later...

It was a bright and sunny afternoon in Koma Village, so Akita decided to take a walk around her new village she had just moved into 2 years before. While she was walking, she saw a couple of boys playing with spin tops. Why are those two boys playing with spin tops? Akita wondered. "Hi." said a young boy. "Hello." she said back. She was shy. "Do you want to battle me next?" asked the mysterious boy. "Excuse me?" answered Akita. "What do you mean by battling you?" The boy stared at her like she was the craziest person alive. "You've never heard of Beyblade before?" he asked suprised. " One question...what's Beyblade?" she answered curiously. The boy laughed and said, "Here, I'll show you. By the way, I'm Gingka." he replied with a smile. "Hi Gingka." Akita said back happy. "I'm Akita."


"GOOD AFTERNOON BLADERS! WELCOME TO THE NATIONAL BEYBLADE TOURNAMENT! LET'S GET STARTED! TODAY'S BLADERS ARE THE ALL MIGHTY KENTA YUMIYA!" The crowd roared with excitement. "AND HELP ME WELCOME OUR NEWEST BLADER HERE AT THE WBBA FAMILY...AKITA ANNE NASHI!" The crowd cheered even louder. So this is what a real tournament battle looks like! Akita thought in awe. "LET'S ROLL folks!" Akita had at least a thousand thoughts going through her mind right now. "3...! Oh boy. 2...! Aw man. 1! Here we go... LET IT RIP!"

To be Continued

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