It all came down to this. The moment has arrived. Akita Anne Nashi was finally a Semi-Finalist in the Beyblade National Tournament. It was now or never. Make it or break it. Capricorn and I are making it all the way, no matter how tough the opponent. Akita thought confidently to herself. The thing that was the most frustrating though was that the WBBA people wouldn't tell her who her final opponent would be. Looks like she had to wait and find out herself.

Friend or Foe?

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BLADERS EVERYWHERE! PLEASE TAKE THIS TIME TO HELP ME CONGRAUTLATE AKITA FOR MAKING IN INTO HER FIRST SEMI FINALS!" The crowd screamed with excitement. I definitley can't let myself lose after having all this support. Akita knew she had to win so she wouldn't embarress herself. "NOW PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEXT SEMI-FINALIST! GINKGA HAGANE, YOUR BATTLE BLADERS CHAMP!" The crowd cheered and roared louder than ever before. "Gingka?! You're my opponent?" Akita asked shocked. "Yep. Who else did you expect? This is the finals after all." What?!? The Finals?!?! I could've sworn the last battle was the qualifying battle for the Semi-finals! "Wait...never mind. Give it all you got, Gingka. Don't go easy on me because I'm new, kay?" Akita babbled. "Okay. Let's get started." Ginkga answered with a smile. "3!" Akita started. "2!" Ginkga continued. "1!" both yelled. "LET IT RIP!!!!!!!!"


After 3 minutes of battling, Gingka was bound to win. I got her right where I want her. Gingka thought happily. Suddenly, Akita yelled: "CAPRICORN! SPECIAL MOVE! SPIN SCREWDRIVER!!!" Capricorn sent Pegasus flying through the air. "YES!" Akita screamed. "Hold on Akita. Did you forget what a pegasus is?" asked Gingka. "It's a horse with wings, duh!" Akita said. Wait...a pegasus is a horse with WINGS! Akita suddenly realized as she looked up in the air. Pegasus was there all right, but it was coming down like it was flying. As it came down, Pegasus hit Capricorn with everything it had. Sure enough, Capricorn lost this battle.

New Blader in Town with New Friends

Even though Akita lost, she was still proud she had made it into the Finals. Not only did getting into the finals create new friends for Akita, but also new support. "That was great, Akita!" Kenta exclaimed. "Yeah. That battle you gave out there was really impressive. We're really glad we're your friends." Gingka answered. "Me too." Akita replied. "Me too."

After everyone congratulated each other, the had a great big group hug. So this is how friends act toward each other. Akita thought. Looks like I'm not the new Blader in town anymore. I'm the new Blader in town with new friends. Akita thought with one last group hug.

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