The Battle

It had only been 5 minutes since the battle began and Akita was losing. BADLY. What can I do in order to defeat Flame Sagittario? thought Akita desperatley. I need to come up with a plan, and fast. If I lose now, I won't be able to go into the semi-finals. Just then, Akita had an idea. "CAPRICORN! SPECIAL MOVE! SNIPER SHOT!" Akita screamed throughout the arena. Suddenly, Flame Sagittario flew high into the air. "YES!" Akita exclaimed with excitement, thinking she won. "Not so fast, Akita!" Kenta shot back. Huh? When Akita looked in the stadium, she saw that Flame Sagittario had safely landed back in the center. "Aw! C'mon!" Akita said with dissapointment. "Sorry! This is a Beyblade Tournament battle, remember?" Kenta bragged. Right. A tournament battle. Which is exactly why I need to win and show my friends my true strength. Akita recently made friends with Gingka, Madoka, Kenta, Tusabasa, Yu, and Masamune. "Sorry Kenta, but I'm going to win this battle." answered Akita with confidance.

The Winner is Announced

After 15 minutes of battling it out, the winner was decided. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BLADERS WATCHING AT HOME! THE 2ND SEMI-FINAL BLADER HAS BEEN DECIDED! PLEASE HELP ME IN CONGRAULATING... AKITA ANNE NASHI!" It was true. Akita ended up winning against Sagittario by using simple attacks and then coming in with a strong and powerful Sniper Shot and then a strong and powerful Spin Screwdriver. I won! I finally won! Akita thought with pride. Now it's time for the semi-finals!

To be Continued

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