Beyblade: Microcosm is a casual fanfiction written by Aggregate 0072. It takes place in a new universe where Beybladers compete with Micro Disk System designed Beyblades.


Microcosm takes place at an unspecified date in human history, starting in urban Tokyo with the main protagonist Raibar Sado. Raibar is a Beyblading coach who runs a makeshift shop selling spare parts to anyone who needs them. He also coaches two live-in students which have an unmeasured dedication to athletics.

Microcosm and its story will speak deeply of Beyblade and various relevant philosophy. Unlike the previous Beyblade series, this one puts crucial emphasis on a "scattered war" progression between protagonists and antagonists. A single chapter could become a path of roots for any character to follow.


Beyblade: Microcosm is in an early stage of development, and no final order of toy releases will be made until a feasible shufle is produced.

Introductory PieceEdit

Timeless Battle is an epilogue to the series. It will be a very exact nutshell of Beyblade's design and battle history. This short chapter will supposedly be an opening to the (first) book called Microcosm: The Topcaster.

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