All who wish to sign up for Beyblade: Metal X, post their character's name, Beyblade, country, and Special Move in the Comments section. There can be 3-4 members per team/country. If you are the first person to apply for a certain country, you are able to rename the team you're on.

(NOTE: America's team is already filled)

BTW, if I don't get a FULL TEAM every TWO DAYS, I'm just going to start putting random Bladers on random teams with GENERIC BEYS!!! When Beyblade: Battle of the Bladers starts, this is postponed until it is over.

America's Team (Team Starbladers)Edit

Mexico's TeamEdit

Canada's Team (Team Ice Bladers)Edit

  • Fred. Beyblade Rock Scorpio

Brazil's TeamEdit

Venezuela's TeamEdit

Peru's TeamEdit

Columbia's TeamEdit

Italy's TeamEdit

England's TeamEdit

France's TeamEdit

Germany's Team (Team Nebulous)Edit

Africa's TeamEdit

Austalia's TeamEdit

Japan's Team (Team Cosmos)Edit

China's TeamEdit

Russia's TeamEdit

India's TeamEdit

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