Name: Michael VS Monty

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Location: White House, Washington D.C. Michael and Monty are about to battle

  • Michael: "3!"
  • Monty: "2!"
  • Both: "1!"
  • Everyone: "LET IT RIP!!!"
  • Monty: "Go Libra-B!"
  • Michael: "Libra-B?!? What kind of damn name is that?! A machine?!"
  • Monty: "IT STANDS FOR BASALT LIBRA, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Michael: "Okay, don't get so worked up! Geez!"
  • Monty: "Enough talk! Libra-B! Solar Destruction!!"
  • Michael: "Easy counter. Nemesis! Armageddon!!"
  • Suddenly, a black-purple electricity shroud arose from Nemesis, and transformed into a GIGANTIC vortex that covered the entire stadium!*
  • Monty: *Smirks*
  • Michael: "What's so funny? Huh? Do you LIKE getting beaten?"
  • Monty: "No, that's not it. It's just that my Libra's Solar Destruction... when it collapses... it creates a BLACK HOLE!!! Which absorbs everthing within its range, including your Armededdon, and turns it into a power source for Libra!!"
  • Michael: *Fake gasps* "Oh no Nemesis, you're going to be defeated. Oh, the humanity."
  • Monty: "Time's up! Here comes the Black Hole!!!"
  • Just then, Michael's Armegeddon collapsed Monty's Solar Destruction. Then, all of the sudden, a black hole appeared, just as Monty had said!*
  • Michael: "Guess you weren't lying. You got skill, kid, but I am going to WIN this.
  • Monty: "What?!?" How can you escape the black hole???!"
  • Michael: "You'll have a front row seat, and the showtime is NOW!! Go, Nemesis! Shadow Beast Imitation!!"
  • Nemesis' Bit-Beast changes to a Shadow Libra! Then, in a split-second, Nemesis completely CLONED Libra's black hole!!
  • Michael: "Well, it was nice knowin' ya." *Smirks* "Not!"
  • Monty: "Whoooooaaaaaaa!!!!!"
  • Monty was blown back by Nemesis' black hole!
  • Monty: "Huh?" *Libra had spun out*
  • Michael: "Heh! Looks like I win! In yo' face, damn it! I win! Woo-hoo!!!!"
  • Obama: " It looks like Michael won." -_- "Next round: Chance VS Michael." 03:04, December 31, 2011 (UTC) I'll finish this later. 03:04, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

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